Flat Stanley class activity

Dear Parents,

As I mentioned at the beginning of the term and in the Book Week email, we have been reading the novel “Flat Stanley”.  A young boy, Stanley, is squashed flat by a Bulletin Board. This makes it easy for Stanley to visit anywhere in the world as he can be posted in an envelope! 

As a class activity each student will design their own Flat Stanley and take him home for a few weeks. It is up to you, as a parent, if you would like to post Flat Stanley to a friend or relative that does not live in Perth so that they can take Flat Stanley on some adventures in their town or city OR if you would prefer to keep Flat Stanley in WA and take him on some adventures with your family  here in Perth. 

All that I ask is that you please take a photo or 2 of Flat Stanley on his adventure and write a sentence or 2 explaining where he has been.

All Flat Stanley’s will need to be back at school by Monday 16th of October. This means he can join you on holiday or it gives friends or relatives outside of WA enough time to post him back to Perth.

If you choose to send him on a journey outside of WA then I will be sending home a letter that you can include in the envelope to explain what we would like your friend or relative to do.

Once all Flat Stanley’s are back at school then each student will do a quick presentation about where their character has been. I will explain this task to them during school.

I encourage you to please join in and take part in this activity as it will be an enjoyable experience for the class. We will plot the places on a map to see where the Flat Stanley’s have travelled.

I will be sending home their Flat Stanley’s and the letter sometime this week.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask me.

Kind regards


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