Room 37 Reminders

Hi Parents of Room 37,

Term 3 is a very busy term and these are some reminders of upcoming events and activities:

  • Free-Dress Day – Dress Up As Your Favourite Sporting Team!”

    Friday 25th August (Week 6)

    Gold Coin Donation, payable to your teacher please… Thank you for supporting the Year 6 Big Week Out & Graduation!

  • Incursion
    All year 3 classes will be participating in a fire incursion on the 24th of August, in Week 6 of this term. The fire incursion is designed to provide developmentally appropriate fire safety prevention messages and life-saving tips on how children can respond to a fire emergency in their homes.


  • Book Week is Week 10 of Term 4. I will send home more details about Book Week closer to the time.

This week there were a few notices sent home. There was a note for a Japanese Incursion, a note for the School Disco in week 8, Friday the 8th of September, and a note containing information about how to purchase a MacBook Air for next year has also gone home with students. Please let me know if you require one of these notes because they have not made their way home yet.

Stay warm and have a lovely weekend.

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