Term 1 Maths

In Term 1 the children have been working very hard in Mathematics. Our primary focus for the first term has been to ensure that all students have a solid understanding of the number system and can identify the place value of the digits in 2, 3 and 4 digit numbers.

We have also been using these posters in class to support the children with the mental strategies important to being able to calculate efficiently in Year 2 and beyond.

We encourage the children to never use their fingers when calculating. This is because in Year 2, working with larger numbers, they are rapidly going to run out of fingers! It also is not a highly accurate method of calculation.

Instead, the students are asked to recall known facts and always look for and use these, even when calculating with larger numbers. Children should then only be counting on or back small amounts, which leads to a more accurate method of calculating.

These calculation methods are primarily mental strategies, which the children should be aiming to do in their heads. However, I do ask the children to record the number line and chunking method down on paper. This is so they are able to show me the steps they are doing in their heads, also making it easier for me to correct errors if any are made.

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