Bee-Bots visit Room 38

We have loved working with the Bee-Bots over the past couple of weeks. During these lessons we have been introduced to the Bee-Bot robots themselves and have learned how to program them to follow a set of instructions, in order to travel along a certain pathway or to a set destination.

First we recapped on the language of direction, (forwards, backwards, right and left). We then learned the importance of writing a correct code, (the Bee-bots, as with all devices, are only as good as the information we input). We use arrow cards to write a code for the Bee-Bots to follow. Once we are sure the code is correct, we input the code into the Bee-Bots, press “GO” and watch as the Bee-Bot hopefully travels to the desired destination.

Occasionally our Bee-Bot didn’t go where we wanted it to go. We could then look back at our code, work out where we had gone wrong and make the required corrections.

Now we have learned how to use the Bee-Bot robots, we will be seeing a lot more of them in our other lessons. Bee-Bots allow us to combine all the other areas of the curriculum with Information Technology and we are looking forward to having the Bee-Bots help us with our Maths, Literacy and Science learning from now on.


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