Home Work – Term 2

Homework will recommence in Week 3 this term. This is due to the busy start to the term, with swimming taking place in Weeks 1 and 2.

Until then, please encourage your child to continue learning their Magic Words, using Mathletics and working towards their personal learning goals on their Goal Mats.

Homework – Week 8

A new homework grid will be sent home today. Well done to all Room 38 students for their continued efforts with their home learning. All homework grids and home reading books are being completed and returned weekly. Keep up the good work 🙂

Home Learning begins Week 4

Room 38’s Home Learning programme will begin in Week 4. The Homework grids will be sent out on Monday 20th February. These grids will last for 2 weeks, try to encourage your child to complete as many of the tasks as possible within this time.

Home Reading will also begin on this day. The Home Readers last for the one week only. Please bring the homework folder back into school every Friday, so we can change over the reading books.