End of Year Concert

Planning for 2018

A message from Mr Pansini: 

If you are not returning to Aubin Grove next year, can I ask that you please let me, or the Front Office, know asap. Our school expects a drop in student enrolments for next year, owing to the establishment of Honeywood PS, so in order to plan for the number of teachers and classrooms required, it is essential that we have the most accurate information possible. 

Thank you in anticipation.


Faction Carnival

Tomorrow is our Junior Faction Carnival. Hopefully we will have some more luck with the weather!

Children come to school at the normal time. Please arrive at school for when the door opens at 8.25 am. This will allow enough time to organise the children into their factions and move off to the basketball courts on the first siren.

The children will march to the oval in their factions at 8.50 am. Please check an earlier blog post for further information on the running order and times of the events. The Carnival will finish in time for a normal lunch break.

Children MUST come to school wearing their faction shirt. We encourage the children to show off their faction loyalty, so face paint is permitted. However, please apply this at home and don’t bring it to school. Please also apply sunscreen before coming to school.

Children will also need a drink bottle, hat, recess and lunch as normal.

I look forward to seeing you on the oval tomorrow 🙂

Junior Sports Carnival

The Junior Sports Carnival has been rescheduled for this coming Friday.

We hope to see you there 🙂 

Progress Folders

Children brought home their progress folders today, with the assessments from Term 3. Please take a moment to look through the folder with your child and celebrate their progress and achievements. An up to date goal mat has also been included, which shows the targets they have achieved in Semester 2 and the goal they have chosen to work on next.

Please feel free to keep hold of the folder for a week and return it by Monday 6th November.

If you know you will not be returning to Aubin Grove next year, you may keep your progress folder. If this is the case, please can you let me or the office know of your plans to leave. This information will help us when we begin to make plans for next year’s classes.

Sports Carnival

The Junior Sports Carnival Day is almost here!

Please read the following information to ease with the smooth running of the day:

  • All children to come to school wearing their faction shirts.
  • We encourage students to come to school showing off their faction colours, so hair and face paint is permitted. However, this is to be applied at home and not to be brought into school.
  • Please apply sunscreen before coming to school. There will also be sunscreen available in the bays for re-application.
  • Children bring their crunch ‘n’ sip, recess and packed lunch in their bags, as usual.
  • Children MUST have a hat and water bottle, which should be clearly labelled.
  • The children will march down to the oval in their factions at 11.25 am.
  • Lunch break will be at 12.50 pm. At this time, we will be asking the children to stay in the factions bays. However, if you wish to eat with your child you may join them in the bays.
  • All children will return to the classroom at the end of the day, to be released from there.

I look forward to seeing you tomorrow 🙂 

Pupil Free Day

Please note there is a pupil free day this week. Students do not come to school on Friday 27th October, (Week 3).

Sports Carnival

K-2 Sports Carnival is this Wednesday, 25th October.

Students arrive at school normal time for the morning. They wear faction shirts and MUST have their school hat and water bottle. Children will need recess and lunch as normal. Please clearly NAME everything. Sunscreen should be applied before coming to school. However, there will be sunscreen in the bays.

The running order for the day is as follows:

Year 1 and 2 Carnival runs from 11.30-2.50pm.
11.25am – Students march down to bays.
11.40am – Year 2s play tabloids.
12.20pm – Year 2 sprint races.
12.50pm – Lunch break (20mins)
1.10pm – Year 1/2 team games.
2.35pm – Presentations.
2.45pm – Students return to class to be dismissed by teachers.

A list of events your child is participating in is on the information board outside the classroom.
It is very important that parents stay in the viewing area and do not come into faction bays please.

All children will return to the classroom to be dismissed at the end of the day and are not to be dismissed from the oval. This is to ease the safe hand over to parents. Thank you for your support in this matter.

I look forward to seeing you on the day. Keep fingers crossed for nice weather! 🙂

RU OK? Day

On Friday it was Aubin Grove’s RU OK? Day. The children all looked spectacularly happy dressed in yellow, to raise awareness of this important mental health issue. 

Throughout the day, we participated in activities to promote positive mental health and wellbeing, as well as talking about how we can be there for someone who is having a hard time. 

We played a game called Ocean of Emotion… Can you spot the different sea creatures and their various emotions? 

One way to keep a happy, health mind is to get outdoors and be active. We took our Science learning outside and onto the Spiderman playground to find examples of push and pull forces. 

We then joined Room 24 on the grass for our Artist Incursion. All Year 2 and 3 children had the opportunity to add artwork to a giant mural. The canvas will be turned into artwork, soon to be on display around the school. 

Thank you for supporting the school in this important day.

Seeking volunteers

We are looking for volunteers, who would be able to support our readers in Room 38. If you are available to listen to children practise their reading and Magic Words, please email or call into the classroom at your earliest convenience.

Thank you 🙂