I am a communicator

As part of the whole school focus on Visible Learning and following on from Room 38’s learning in Term 1 about having a Growth Mindset and what qualities make a good learner, we have been looking closely at the Learner Quality “I am a Communicator”.

  • Good learners are able to talk confidently about their learning. They can articulate what progress they have made, where they are at with their learning and where they need to go next.
  • They seek, give and act upon feedback. In class we seek feedback from our critical friends as well as the teacher. Feedback is most useful when it is linked to the learning intention and success criteria, and it is specific.
  • Good learners collaborate with others. For example they support each other when they feel they are in “The Pit”. They acknowledge the importance of being able to teach a peer a new concept in consolidating their own learning.

In Room 38 we discussed what kind of conversations we would be having with each other if we were displaying this Learner Quality. We then worked together in small groups to write and perform short scenes to demonstrate what these conversations may look like in our classroom.


Please help your child to practise communicating their learning by asking them questions such as:

  • What were you learning about today?
  • Do you feel you made progress today?
  • How did you know you were being successful?
  • Did you find anything difficult today and what did you try to get out of “The Pit”?
  • What are your learning goals at the moment?
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