What a busy end to the term!

The last week of Term 1 was a busy one for Room 38!

Sun Safety

Despite it being Autumn, we carried out an investigation to test the power of the sun. We saw just how important it is to apply sunscreen to protect our skin from the sun’s harmful rays. We placed two sausages on a plate in the sunshine. To one sausage, we applied factor 50 sunscreen; to the other one we applied nothing. After a couple of hours in the sunshine, we could all plainly see the damage caused to the sausage with no sunscreen. It had changed colour and the skin had gone hard. There was no change to the sausage that had been ‘wearing’ sunscreen.


The final results…

The Bee-Bots Returned

The children enjoyed using their new skills involving coding and working with the the Bee-Bot Robots to help them revise their known number facts and mental strategies. In this game the students practised working together in pairs, recalled known number facts and mental strategies, thought logically in order to win a game, wrote lines of code for a device, input codes and reviewed and edited if there was the need.

Constable Care

On the Wednesday, Room 38 had an incursion from Constable Care. The subject of the performance was Celebrating Diversity, which followed on from the learning we all did around Harmony Day earlier in the term. The children enjoyed watching the puppet show and were again given the opportunity to share facts and information about their own cultural backgrounds.


In amongst all this, we still had time to fit in some Easter craft.

Happy Easter everybody!

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