Austin’s butterfly

On Friday the 2nd of June, all Aubin Grove staff attended Professional Learning to further our Visible Learning Journey.

As part of this we observed a story – Austin’s Butterfly. It is an inspiring video –

This is what Austin highlighted for me as a teacher:

1. Always expect the best from your students. If your expectations are high yet realistic and they know you believe in them, they will do everything in their power to reach those standards.

2. It is essential to provide meaningful, ongoing feedback to students at all stages of the learning process so I can provide them with explicit, ongoing and meaningful feedback.

3. Help them to shoot for the stars and aim for a personal best. We must differentiate to individuals and we must make their personal best our overall goal.

4. Create a classroom culture where students can provide their friends with feedback that can help their friends further their progress. All they need to be taught is the structures of being a critical friend.

I was so excited to share this with the Room 39, we started this exercise on Monday afternoon.

We discussed becoming a critical and kind friend and how we can support each others learning. We then watched Austin’s Butterfly and discussed the way the children interacted and provided feedback.

We then discussed the type of language that the children were using throughout video be a critical friend. It was then time to begin drafting their butterflies.

First draft – they draw a simple butterfly.

Second draft – they use a photo of a real life butterfly to independently assess and draw a new butterfly.

Third draft – children sat in small groups with the photos and drawings. The students identified aspects of each other’s drawings that were good and also what could be improved.

On Wednesday afternoon, the children will be given the opportunity to do a fourth draft and repeat the feedback process. 

They now have an Austin Butterfly process booklet with their drawings to remind them on two key things.
1. They are always capable of progress and becoming more successful learners.
2. We are all kind and critical friends who can help each other become successful learners.

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