Busy learners!

Hi everyone,

We have been so busy in room 39 the past 5 weeks. We can not believe we are already half way through the term!! Here are some things we have been learning about so far.

In maths, we have looked at fractions and what halves, fourths and eighths are of a collection. We have also just finished learning about Australian notes and coins and what the value of each one is. See if your child can tell you the value of a collection of Australian notes and coins! This week we are starting to look at time.

In spelling, we have been learning to identify letter patterns in words (Words Their Way) and have been loving completing our sorts every day.

We have just finished looking and learning about different mixtures in Science. One of the biggest lessons we learnt from this topic is that not all experiments work out the way we plan! See if your child can tell you what happened when they tried to make slim.

In English we are almost finished reading and writing Narratives. We have discovered how we can create a character using adverbs and adjectives to describe what a character looks like, physical features and what type of character they are. We have looked at using similes to describe our setting and characters as well! We are doing so well at identifying similes in our reading and also including them in our writing. Miss Chatwin is so impressed. We are beginning to write the problem of our stories this week and hopefully even get to writing our resolutions.

We will start looking a little more at Lionel Samson and the history of his life this Friday.

Have a greatevening. See you all tomorrow!


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