Learning Goal Books

Learning Goal Booklets:
The Year 2 team has created a simple way to track and manage student goals throughout the year. Each student has a goal book with learning objectives for both English and Mathematics, reflective of the Western Australian Curriculum. There is a yellow copy of their book at school, and a green copy that is kept at home (so you can see what your child’s goals are).

When students are ready to demonstrate their mastery of a goal, they put their yellow (or green) goal booklet into our testing basket at school. This lets me know that I need to test them. On successful completion of a goal, a sticker covers the goal they have successfully achieved and students highlight a new one to work on.

On completion of all goals, students are given a new mat!

Homework Weeks 4-5

Homework officially begins on Monday, 20th February (Week 4). You’ll find the following grid glued inside your child’s homework book along with their Mathletics code.

If you have any questions about homework please let me know!