Excursion Information

Hi everyone!
Everyone is so very excited for our excursion to Samson House this Friday. Here are a few requirements for the day.
The children need to be at school by 8.25am with their lunch and recess in a labelled disposable container/plastic bag and a labelled drink bottle (name and room number).

The children will need their school hats as the weather is looking nice and sunny (thankfully). There are NOT to be any children wearing faction shirts on Friday. Children must all be in purple uniform with comfortable walking shoes. 

Parent helpers, if you could please meet me 8.15am in the classroom. I will give you a quick briefing of how the day will run and the students that will be in your group. You will also need comfy shoes, food, water and a mobile phone. I will have a bag ready for your group with some bandaids/first aid, an ipad to photograph your group’s adventures. You are welcome to bring a back pack. 

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Have a lovely afternoon!

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