Popcorn Day!

Popcorn Day has been a pop-tastic success with much fun while reinforcing our learning intentions. Students were successful in developing vocabulary by investigating the taste, smells, looks and texture of the popcorn. They then made a container to hold their popcorn in. After that they estimated the capacity of containers using popcorn, followed by arranging arrays of popcorn and skip counting to find the actual capacity. The students had another tasting session to determine which popcorn was their favourite between the choices of plain, salty, caramel, and buttery. This was a very popular part of the day! They then collated the data using tally marks and made a graph of their results to find the most popular flavour. After lunch we popped and bopped to the latest tunes and finished off with some pop-crackingly good writing about what we like best about popcorn.

The Big Splash

1630_parents.flyer4.1pp.V1(1)(1)Mental health issues in children and young people tend to be minimised and not spoken about, with persisting feelings of shame and stigma in families which leads to a lack of advocacy for services and research in this vital area.

Early intervention is critical, which is why Perth Children’s Hospital Foundation, the official fundraising body for Perth Children’s Hospital and advocate for positive health messaging, has joined with the clinical experts at Perth Children’s Hospital and Wild in Art to create The Big Splash WA.

A huge pod of wildly colourful dolphin sculptures painted by local artists and school children will swim into town as part of a mass public art exhibition to raise awareness of and valuable funds for Perth Children’s Hospital’s Child and Adolescent Mental Health Unit.

Our school dolphin is number 3 out of 48. She will be decorated and live at our school until March 16th, 2018.
Artists have been commissioned to decorate the larger dolphins, which will be placed across the city from 22nd Jan- 4th March next year.
Families and school groups can follow the trail and QR code each dolphin to learn about some positive mental health tips and receive “rewards” for following the trail.
Their will be a public farewell of all of the dolphins and announcement of the winners at the 16th March 2018 event.

Term 3 Overview

Hello everyone! I hope you have all enjoyed the break and are looking forward to returning to school to see each other. With the holidays almost over, it’s time to look ahead into Term 3. We have much to do in the run up to the end of term in readiness for the Sports Carnival and Open Night.  In Writing, we will continue working on narratives and then introduce some persuasive writing. In Reading, we will learn about the main idea of texts, facts and opinions, and asking questions to help understanding. Semester 2 sees a greater focus on Geography, in particular the local environment and it’s special features as well as the weather and the Earth’s poles.  In Maths, we will of course be covering more number work, as well as money, fractions and time.  Health will develop an understanding of our emotions. In Science, those who applied to design something to help Future Earth will be able to present their creations to the whole school. We will be looking at Chemical Sciences  and discovering how materials can be changed.  Of course we also have assemblies to look forward to in Weeks 3,4,6,8 and 10.  Then to round off the term we have a dress up day in Week 10.

See you tomorrow everyone,

Mrs Cass

Peninsula Farm

What a wonderful day we’ve had at the oldest house in WA! We have learned so much about the way of life for early settlers in a fun, memorable day out. Thank you to all our adult helpers and the National Trust staff for making sure we could enjoy learning in such an exciting way.

Toys – Then and Now

We enjoyed sharing the toys of old and new. Elizabeth’s toy has a wind up mechanism. Sienna’s toy is 65 years old and is all worn out! Ask your child how they can tell when a toy is from the past or the present.

Measuring Length

We have been learning that measuring the length of objects must be done carefully.  It is important to start at the baseline, not to leave gaps between the units of measure and to ensure the units of measure are not over-lapped. Then we need to count the units accurately. Here students are using counters as the units of measure.

Learning through technology

We have been using OSMO, the ipad gadget that has reflective artificial intelligence! It tested our skills in spelling words, copying tangram pictures and improving addition and subtraction fluency.  Technology at its finest as far as we are concerned!

Term 2

The children have made a great start to Term Two with positive attitudes to swimming lessons.  In class our main English focus is sentence structure. This includes editing our writing to check that capital letters and full stops are being placed correctly.  For some it also includes using compound sentences.  We will be learning about the Magic e eg. cap=cape and other ways of spelling long vowel sounds such as ‘ay’ as in day, and ‘ai’ as in train.  In Mathematics our main focus is being able to say and write the numbers before and after a given number up to 130 and beyond.  We will also be working on knowing doubles to 10, eg 7+7=14, near doubles eg 7+8=15, and Chance eg How likely is it that you will have a swimming lesson tomorrow? (certain, possible, impossible).  As well as introducing 3D shapes recognition and number patterns (skip-counting).  In History, students will learn about the differences between past and present eg. how toys have changed over time. An excursion is being planned to reflect this later in the term.  Science is about light and sound.  Health is focused on our community and safety signs.  Finally, don’t forget that we will be hosting the junior assembly to be held in Week 10.


We love using Beebots in Room 4. We make our code or program and enter it into the robot, then press go and watch where it goes! Sometimes we have to make changes to the code. That’s okay though, because we are only learning!

Family History

We enjoyed an afternoon of sharing family memorabilia in Term 1.  Thanks to parents for sharing precious family items with the children.  It was great to see such a variety of family treasures and the children showed genuine interest in each item.  Thank you to Shane, Sammy’s dad for bringing his slouch hat and other items to share with the children. They were fascinated.