Swimming Lessons

Hello Everyone!

This week, can you please send your child into school wearing bathers under their uniforms, with shoes (not thongs). Hopefully, this will save time, particularly on those days when we have sport, art and music before swimming. The children can put their thongs just prior to us getting the bus. Thank you for your support. Room 4 were great last week, enjoying a sing-a-long on the bus and listened to their instructors very well.

We catch the bus at 10.55am and arrive back at school at 12.30pm.  The lesson takes place from 11.20-12pm.

Make sure EVERYTHING is clearly labelled including underwear, shoes and goggles. Send their bathers, towel, thongs and goggles in a plastic bag (also named) so wet things can go in it once they get changed. A dressing gown can also be worn.

I look forward to seeing you all tomorrow!

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