Term 2

The children have made a great start to Term Two with positive attitudes to swimming lessons.  In class our main English focus is sentence structure. This includes editing our writing to check that capital letters and full stops are being placed correctly.  For some it also includes using compound sentences.  We will be learning about the Magic e eg. cap=cape and other ways of spelling long vowel sounds such as ‘ay’ as in day, and ‘ai’ as in train.  In Mathematics our main focus is being able to say and write the numbers before and after a given number up to 130 and beyond.  We will also be working on knowing doubles to 10, eg 7+7=14, near doubles eg 7+8=15, and Chance eg How likely is it that you will have a swimming lesson tomorrow? (certain, possible, impossible).  As well as introducing 3D shapes recognition and number patterns (skip-counting).  In History, students will learn about the differences between past and present eg. how toys have changed over time. An excursion is being planned to reflect this later in the term.  Science is about light and sound.  Health is focused on our community and safety signs.  Finally, don’t forget that we will be hosting the junior assembly to be held in Week 10.

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