Term 3 Overview

Hello everyone! I hope you have all enjoyed the break and are looking forward to returning to school to see each other. With the holidays almost over, it’s time to look ahead into Term 3. We have much to do in the run up to the end of term in readiness for the Sports Carnival and Open Night.  In Writing, we will continue working on narratives and then introduce some persuasive writing. In Reading, we will learn about the main idea of texts, facts and opinions, and asking questions to help understanding. Semester 2 sees a greater focus on Geography, in particular the local environment and it’s special features as well as the weather and the Earth’s poles.  In Maths, we will of course be covering more number work, as well as money, fractions and time.  Health will develop an understanding of our emotions. In Science, those who applied to design something to help Future Earth will be able to present their creations to the whole school. We will be looking at Chemical Sciences  and discovering how materials can be changed.  Of course we also have assemblies to look forward to in Weeks 3,4,6,8 and 10.  Then to round off the term we have a dress up day in Week 10.

See you tomorrow everyone,

Mrs Cass

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