The Big Splash

1630_parents.flyer4.1pp.V1(1)(1)Mental health issues in children and young people tend to be minimised and not spoken about, with persisting feelings of shame and stigma in families which leads to a lack of advocacy for services and research in this vital area.

Early intervention is critical, which is why Perth Children’s Hospital Foundation, the official fundraising body for Perth Children’s Hospital and advocate for positive health messaging, has joined with the clinical experts at Perth Children’s Hospital and Wild in Art to create The Big Splash WA.

A huge pod of wildly colourful dolphin sculptures painted by local artists and school children will swim into town as part of a mass public art exhibition to raise awareness of and valuable funds for Perth Children’s Hospital’s Child and Adolescent Mental Health Unit.

Our school dolphin is number 3 out of 48. She will be decorated and live at our school until March 16th, 2018.
Artists have been commissioned to decorate the larger dolphins, which will be placed across the city from 22nd Jan- 4th March next year.
Families and school groups can follow the trail and QR code each dolphin to learn about some positive mental health tips and receive “rewards” for following the trail.
Their will be a public farewell of all of the dolphins and announcement of the winners at the 16th March 2018 event.

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