Book Week – Week 10

Now that our assembly is over, we can focus on the next big event: our Book Week!
This will take place in Week 10. On Wednesday, Meg McKinlay, author of some amazing children’s books including Ten Tiny Things which Room 40 has read, is our book author and will visit us for a special reading!







On Friday of Week 10 (last day of Term 3), children will be dressing up for our class book: ‘My Place,’ by Nadia Wheatley & Donna Rawlins.

This magnificent book is the source of a lot of learning for us this term. Links to HASS has been made by looking at changes to places, as well as links to researching our own place and writing an information text.

 In ‘My Place,’ we look at how the same place changes quite dramatically in ten year increments. We read that similar family structures come and go, the maps of the same place change a lot while some important parts remain the same, and we also learn the cultures and traditions of different groups of people. Students have a wide range of characters they can dress up as – over 180 years worth of characters! Old – fashioned clothing will be the theme.

If you would like to pop in and see the big book copy in our classroom, please feel free to do so!

Happy preparing costumes!

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