T4W6 Honour Certificate Winners

Congratulations to this double duo of boys this week, Lucas K and Braden! Their combined positive attitudes toward learning and abilities to achieve work of a high standard are forces to be reckoned with!

Hands-On Coding!

After successful experiences drawing and solving our own codes for mazes, it was time for the real thing this week! Students were hands-on in creating a maze and algorithm (code) for a large maze. They had to then switch with another group and use a Bee-Bot to manoeuvre through the maze! Have a look at the videos below for the two highly successful groups who managed to enter the correct code and had a very happy BeeBot 🙂 Well done to all students for their amazing sense of direction, growth mindsets, perseverance, collaboration skills and ability to actively take on feedback!


Students not returning

If you are not returning to Aubin Grove next year, can I please ask that you let me, or the Front Office, know as soon as possible. Our school expects a drop in student enrolments for next year, owing to the establishment of Honeywood PS, so in order to plan for the number of teachers and classrooms required, it is essential that we have the most accurate information possible. 

Thank you in anticipation.

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween, from a very spooky Room 40!

UPDATED 1-2 Sports Carnival Info

Please refer to emails, classroom window, notes and attached document below for the revised time and schedule for our upcoming 1-2 Junior Sports Carnival.

Look forward to seeing you all this Friday, 3/11/17.
Parents Info Revised Date 2017

T4W3 Honour Certificate Winner

Congratulations to Hudson this week! This certificate is a reflection of his efforts all year, particularly with taking on feedback to produce high quality pieces of persuasive writing. He really is a speedy driver!

Progress Folders DUE 3/11 (Week 4)

Progress folders are going home today.

Please take the time to look through these and comment and sign the cover page. These are then DUE BACK BY THE END OF NEXT WEEK (Week 4, 3/11/17). Please make every effort to have these returned BEFORE or ON this date, so we are able to organise transition folders.

Thank you in advance!



Term 4, Week 3: REMINDERS

A few reminders for this week:

Students need a LABELLED hat and water bottle. They also need to have a packed lunch and their faction shirts on, with appropriate running shoes.

THURSDAY: Homework due. Students need to return BOTH their Home Reader books and Homework folder.

FRIDAY: School Development Day (no students attend on this day).


K-2 Sports Carnival Info

***Please refer to classroom window Notice board for the complete list of events your child is participating in***

  • The Sports Carnival will take place in Week 3, Wed 25/10/17.
  • Students arrive to school at normal time (8:25am).
  • They wear faction shirts and MUST have their school hat and water bottle.
  • Please clearly NAME everything.
  • There will be sunscreen in the bays.
  • Year 1 and 2 Carnival runs from 11.30-2.45pm.

    11.25am – Students march down to bays.
    11.40am – Year 2’s play tabloids.
    12.20pm – Year 2 sprint races.
    12.50pm – Lunch break (20mins)
    1.10pm – Year 1/2 team games.
    2.35pm – Presentations.
    2.45pm – Students return to class to be dismissed by teachers.

It is very important that parents stay in the viewing area and do not come into faction bays please.

R U OK Day (13/10/17)

AGPS is raising awareness for R U OK Day, this Friday 13/10/17. 

Positive mental health is becoming a prevalent area of concern, particularly amongst mondern youth. Establishing strategies to promote positive mental health and how to identify unhealthy thoughts or feelings is extremely important.

To recognise the importance of R U OK Day, this Friday we will:

  1. Wear yellow! Something small or yellow head to toe would be great! No gold donations needed.
  2. Creating artworks with talented artist Elle Campbell.
  3. A number of activities to learn all about what mental health is, what our current state of mental health is and how we can support our mental health!

Looking forward to seeing all students in a bright yellow this Friday!