T3W10 Honour Certificate Winner(s)

Congratulations are extended to our lucky winners Luke and Joshua! After an extremely busy term of learning, these boys have jumped into the driver’s seat of their learning and accelerated their progress.

Luke has consistently shown progress across all learning areas this term including numeracy, narrative writing and his capabilities with technology.

Joshua has become an effective communicator who has taken on leadership roles and is taking control of his learning journey. It’s been amazing witnessing his confidence grow.

Well done to both winners this week!

Open Night Preparation

Open Night is this Wednesday, 20th of September, from 5:30pm-7pm!

To prepare you to get the most out of Rm 40’s learning journey this term…

  1. Download a free QR app (on iOS or Android), or alternatively, trial your device so you have access to a QR code reader.

       2.    Please come to Open Night with an open mind and engage in discussions with your child about their learning!

Can’t wait to see you all!


Rm 40’s Assembly

What a clever bunch of cherubs that live in Room 40! On Tuesday of Week 8, it was Room 40’s time to shine with their History based assembly. During rehearsals, students were open to effective feedback and happily improved every day.

All students had their best foot forward, adopted a growth mindset and delivered their roles beautifully and had a fun time, too.

The two best positives were:

  1. All students overcame stage fright and at the end of it, a favourite quote from one of the students stayed with me: “That wasn’t scary, that was fun! I loved that assembly and I want to do it again!”
  2. The next day at our excursion of Samson House, all students knew all about the history so well that they were giving the guides information!

If you haven’t seen it yet, check out the assembly video below by scanning the QR code (any QR reader app available free on iOS or Android will work).

T3W8 Honour Certificate Winner

Congratulations to the T3W8 winner, Jayden! Jayden demonstrated amazing comprehension skills when she re-read with me last week. Jayden is a patient and well-expressive reader, who thinks carefully about the book and uses clues she has read to ensure she answers correctly.

As a result, she moved up 10 PM reading levels! Phenomenal!



Our Samson Excursion

What an incredible excursion full of learning and laughter! Rooms 21, 31 and 40 enjoyed some fun in the sun on Wednesday as we took off to where the Samson’s began – Fremantle.

The day started at the Esplanade where we had a bite to eat and prepared for our 1.5 hour walk around Fremantle. We saw the Lionel Samson and Son building, the building where they manufacture their wine, remnants of the old Fremantle including markings of how far in the water used to be, old wells in the Roundhouse building and other markings of the Fremantle the Samson’s knew of. Clever Room 40 related to this tour incredibly well as we knew the members of the Samson family thanks to our assembly the day before!

Next, we had lunch at Samson House and refreshed our memories on who was in the Samson family.

Walking through Samson House was particularly exciting! We did not realise just how large the house was. There were some very interesting artefacts, too, even some where we could not figure out what they used for.

Thank you to Kyle, Tania, Louise and Jenni for accompanying us!

See the rest of the pictures by scanning the QR code below: (Download a QR reader app – free on iOS or Android to view)

Week 8 – Important Events

A few important notes for the extremely busy Week 8 (next week):

It is extremely important students have full attendance or notify the school of extenuating circumstances. 

Numeracy Progress Assessment
Assembly preparations
Room 40’s assembly – all invited. Commences at 1:20pm in the Undercover Area
Samson Excursion: More information to follow on blog
No library
Japanese Incursion at 1:15pm-2:15pm
Book Week theme will be notified
Home Readers to be changed
Disco commencing at 5:30pm-6:30pm

To see an overview of upcoming events for Term 3: Scroll down on http://aubingroveps.wa.edu.au/room-40 for dates and events.


T3W6 Honour Certificate Winner

A big congratulations to the wonderful Elly!

She received this award after she demonstrated how she could self-teach, assess and evaluate her learning of quarter to and quarter past time. A growth mindset is so powerful! Especially when students are being asked to drive their learning – they have to believe they can do it! Keep it up, Elly.

Words Their Way Sorts

It is vitally important that students are not late and they get to school by 8:25am, so they have time in the morning to review these words. The more times they practise, the more familiar the patterns become. The best time for WTW is in the morning as brains are fresh!

Here is an example of a completed Words Their Way (WTW) sort that students now review daily.

Students are in differentiated groups, aimed at their current phonetic awareness and spelling level. Students sort words according to the headings of their sorts and through a range of activities (open sort, blind sort, speed sort, word hunt and other games), students gain familiarity with a specific group of sounds over a fortnight. For the sort below, students are encouraged to use the language ‘short and long o sound’, ‘consonant and vowels’, as well as recognising oddballs (look or sound the same, but don’t quite fit the headings).

More information to follow.

T3W4 Honour Certificate Winner

This week’s honour certificate was awarded to Yousef, and it was a well-deserved award indeed!

Yousef has committed himself to improving his reading by revising his sight words daily, reading at home and at school daily and recognising his steady progress. Success comes with lots of hard work in the background. Keep it up, Yousef – you should be proud.


We have been learning about the wonders of the English language and the number of homophones that exist! We learnt we use them almost everyday and managed to accumulate a large list of homophones that we can now use (the correct spelling of) in our writing tasks.

Homophones are: words that sound the same, yet may have different spellings or meanings.