T4W6 Honour Certificate Winners

Congratulations to this double duo of boys this week, Lucas K and Braden! Their combined positive attitudes toward learning and abilities to achieve work of a high standard are forces to be reckoned with!

Hands-On Coding!

After successful experiences drawing and solving our own codes for mazes, it was time for the real thing this week! Students were hands-on in creating a maze and algorithm (code) for a large maze. They had to then switch with another group and use a Bee-Bot to manoeuvre through the maze! Have a look at the videos below for the two highly successful groups who managed to enter the correct code and had a very happy BeeBot 🙂 Well done to all students for their amazing sense of direction, growth mindsets, perseverance, collaboration skills and ability to actively take on feedback!


Building Contemporary Learners

Here’s a snapshot of what is going on in our classroom in Term 4:

  • STE(A)M

Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Maths (or namely, STEAM) is being integrated into our Term 4 studies. We are combining our enhanced collaboration and higher thinking skills,       to solve complex problems that reflect STEAM topics – and our future.

Last week, we were given the challenge of creating a maze for a marble to get through, from one side to the other of an A3 piece of paper. We had to use all 20 straws. Interestingly, all groups attempted this task differently with some success, and some thoughtful reflections. We are learning to calmly backtrack our mazes, identify the hurdles stopping the marble from getting through and making appropriate changes. Who’s scared of the learning pit? No one in Room 40!

Elly, Emily & Bree

Hudson, Lucas K and Jake

Mahir, Maxi and Eyzirie

Asher, Yousef and Dean

Braden, Lucas H and Matthew

Chloe, Jorja, Zainab and Maira

  • Coding

Coding is the future of digital technology! Our current project is to create a maze and a code for BeeBots to successfully get through. We had some fun creating sneaky walls to try and trick our BeeBots!

  • Feedback

We have well and truly launched into giving and receiving feedback to improve our writing this year. This term, we have been taught explicit feedback social skills and we have been practising on ensuring we provide feedback to help our peers, based only on the success criteria of the task. See below on our most recent attempt to give feedback and leave US some feedback!

Feedback in Room 40

T4W3 Honour Certificate Winner

Congratulations to Hudson this week! This certificate is a reflection of his efforts all year, particularly with taking on feedback to produce high quality pieces of persuasive writing. He really is a speedy driver!

T4W2 Honour Certificate Winner

Congratulations are extended to Matthew this week! Matthew exhibits the qualities of an Aubin Grove leaner that will lead him far in life. He has a thirst for learning that is shown through his love for learning. Matthew provided some exceptional explanations of data presented on bar and line graphs, too! A fantastic effort.


R U OK? Day was an overwhelming success! We started the day by discussing what mental health is, why it’s important and where our current state of mental health is. To do this, we had enlightening discussions about the things in life that may lift us up and make us happier, or, things that weigh us down. We understood that this was the natural course of life, however; the most important part was that we knew how to lift ourselves up during the times we feel weighed down.


We then discussed the best safe place to go to when we needed some lifting up, and drew this onto a giant canvas with the wonderful artist, Elle Campbell. Some of us drew games, books, toys, people, pets and places in our house!


The rest of our day looked at strategies to lift us including predicting others’ feelings, mindfulness, positive quotes and everyone’s favourite, decorating smiley and sugary food!



The most important take away from this day is that our mental health must come first in order for us to learn. As important as academics is, maintaining a positive mental state is a life skill that must be developed while kids are young.

Please look at the take away flyer for positive mental health support networks and continue teaching our wonderful children how to find strategies to be happy and chirpy human beings.


Term Four Learning

The following is an outline of what we are teaching this term in our core subject areas.


  • Review Persuasive writing.
  • Poetry and Procedures.
  • Review of punctuation, full stops, commas, question marks, exclamation marks and speech marks.
  • Identifying and understanding homophones.
  • Identifying and understanding contractions.
  • Writing simple, compound and complex sentences.
  • Using interesting conjunctions in everyday writing.
  • Continuation of reading strategies and our phonics target sounds.
  • Words Their Way spelling sorts.


  • Exploring the connection between addition and subtraction.
  • Multiplication and division strategies.
  • Solving addition, subtraction, multiplication and division word problems.
  • Locating and writing coordinates on maps.
  • Data collection, classification and presentation.
  • Measurement of length, area, volume and capacity.


  • Physical Sciences – A push or a pull affects how an object moves or changes shape:
    · Exploring ways that objects move on land, through water and in the air.
    · Exploring how different strengths of pushes and pulls affect the movement of objects.
    · Identifying toys from different cultures that use the forces of push or pull.
    · Considering the effects of objects being pulled towards the Earth.

HASS (History and Social Sciences): 

  • Geography/History – the ways in which Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples maintain connections to their Country/Place.
  • Geography: connections and travel to other states of Australia and Asia.


  • Strategies and behaviours that promote mental health and wellbeing.
  • Strategies to use when help is needed: Procedure and practice for dialling
    000 in an emergency, Locating safety houses and trusted networks in the local community.

Book Week Parade

Luckily we found a 10 minute ease in weather to follow through with a mini-parade for the 1’s and 2’s! See below for pictures.

Students embraced the ‘My Place,’ book so well this term, with clear links to HASS and literacy combined. Check out some of the amazing outfits! Scan the QR code to see Rm 40 show off their costumes.

Parade Video: Scan QR code below

Author Visit – Meg McKinlay

The amazing Meg McKinlay came to talk to our budding authors about what is it like being a writer!

She even shared her new book, ‘Once Upon a Rhinoceros,’ with us; and detailed the process of what it takes to go from ideas, to drafts to a published text.

Open Night Success

Thank you to all families who came out in the rain last night to support the learners of Room 40.
It was certainly a success and incredible to witness the students leading families around the room, telling all who were there what they had learnt. Nights like these allow us to take a step back from the day-to-day learning opportunities and really see how much we learn at school and why it is so important to build children up to be independent learners in the driver’s seat of their learning.


Here’s a few snaps for those who missed it! I am so proud of each and every child.