Home Reading Program – Term 2 Important Notes

Home Reading Program – Term 2

 The program this term consists of:

  1. Home Reading – levelled readers.

Students are constantly being assessed and will move reading levels if deemed appropriate. If you have concerns please let me know. Books continue to be changed every Friday. 

  1. Term 2 Learning Goals

As soon as you or your child believes a goal from the chart has been achieved, pop it in the pink “It’s a Goal!” goal chart box next to the front door and I will assess and mark off the goal if it has been achieved.

  1. *Sight word spelling – see back of Term 2 goals

Spelling words have been moved to the back of the goal charts – this will make it easier for you to monitor and easier for me to communicate progress by highlighting the words your child is able to spell.

  1. *Sight word reading – coloured books

Approach to sight words for this term is for children to read AND spell all words before moving to the next 100. Those on different lists from last term will continue until they catch up.

  1. Mathletics
  2. Fortnightly homework grids

* After successfully reading and spelling all of the first 300 magic words (wow!) students will then begin personal magic lists where words are selected from challenging daily reading and writing tasks.


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