Our Samson Excursion

What an incredible excursion full of learning and laughter! Rooms 21, 31 and 40 enjoyed some fun in the sun on Wednesday as we took off to where the Samson’s began – Fremantle.

The day started at the Esplanade where we had a bite to eat and prepared for our 1.5 hour walk around Fremantle. We saw the Lionel Samson and Son building, the building where they manufacture their wine, remnants of the old Fremantle including markings of how far in the water used to be, old wells in the Roundhouse building and other markings of the Fremantle the Samson’s knew of. Clever Room 40 related to this tour incredibly well as we knew the members of the Samson family thanks to our assembly the day before!

Next, we had lunch at Samson House and refreshed our memories on who was in the Samson family.

Walking through Samson House was particularly exciting! We did not realise just how large the house was. There were some very interesting artefacts, too, even some where we could not figure out what they used for.

Thank you to Kyle, Tania, Louise and Jenni for accompanying us!

See the rest of the pictures by scanning the QR code below: (Download a QR reader app – free on iOS or Android to view)

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