Rm 40’s Assembly

What a clever bunch of cherubs that live in Room 40! On Tuesday of Week 8, it was Room 40’s time to shine with their History based assembly. During rehearsals, students were open to effective feedback and happily improved every day.

All students had their best foot forward, adopted a growth mindset and delivered their roles beautifully and had a fun time, too.

The two best positives were:

  1. All students overcame stage fright and at the end of it, a favourite quote from one of the students stayed with me: “That wasn’t scary, that was fun! I loved that assembly and I want to do it again!”
  2. The next day at our excursion of Samson House, all students knew all about the history so well that they were giving the guides information!

If you haven’t seen it yet, check out the assembly video below by scanning the QR code (any QR reader app available free on iOS or Android will work).

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