Book week

This year we will be celebrating book week the last week of this term. The theme is Escape to Everywhere. We will be having a visit from an author at the begin the beginning of the week and will also be reading some of the books that are on the book awards list. On Friday 22nd September the children are encouraged to come dressed up and take part in a whole school book week dress up parade.

The Year One team has decided to read and explore two of the books that have been selected for an award and are displayed in the library called The Snow Wombat and All I Want For Christmas is Rain. This links in closely with our HASS lessons at the moment as we are learning about the globe, weather and seasons.

We would like your child to come dressed for a type of weather  (e.g. rain coat, gumboots etc.) or as a particular type of weather  (e.g. as a sun, cloud, rainbow etc.)

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Friday Sports Dress up


This Friday, we have a sports dress up day. It is a fund raiser for the Year 6 students big day out. The idea is that the kids come dressed with favourite sports team clothing.  They can wear anything they like sporty. It doesn’t have to be a specific team.




Hello, everyone!

Welcome back to school and Term 3. This term we are having our class assembly! This will be held on Tuesday Week 4 (8th. August). Parents will gain entrance through the front office at 1.15pm.

Our Assembly will be all about having a growth mindset and believing in ourselves. We will be using the book Bubblegum Brain to tell the audience the story of kids with two VERY different mindsets.

Bubble Gum Brain likes to have fun adventures, learn new things, and doesn’t worry about making great mistakes.

Brick Brain is convinced that things are just fine the way they are and there’s not much he can do to change them, so why try?

The kids are busy learning their lines, rehearsing their song and practising their skits to ensure we have a wonderful performance. The kids will need to wear outfits to suit the characters.

Bubble Gum Brains:

Bright colours of any style. 

Amelia, Asha, Lucinda, Sienna, Indianna, Kaitlin, Havana, Chace, Eti, Jovi, Josh.

Brick Brains:

Grey or Black clothing, very dull. A bright item to put on at the end of our skit. ( jacket or shirt or scarf)

Ian, Niko, Ethan, Beth, Taylah, Rhys, Piper, Ruby, Khloe, Koby, Ella, max, Charli.

If you have any questions please feel free to pop me an email or ask at school.



Pyjama day!

Tomorrow Wednesday the 21st of June is Pyjama day! Wear your pj’s and bring a teddy for a fun day of learning Pyjama style!


Hi parents,

Tomorrow is excursion day for 1/2 of our class with the other half on Thursday!

Please remember:

Bring your lunch, and your recess in separate disposable bags with your child’s name clearly marked them.

Where full school uniform including hats.

Wednesday people: Charli, Lucinda, Eti, Chace, Ethan, Taylah, Sienna, Ella, Asha, Khloe, Koby, Ruby, Ian.

Thursday people: Indiana, Piper, Kaitlin, Beth, Joshua, Rhys, Jovi, Havana, Max, Samara, Emilia, Niko.

Students who are staying at school for the day will be heading in to join some of their peers in their classrooms!


Excursion to Peninsula Farm


Just a reminder that excursion money will be due Friday 26th May. On the day of the excursion your child will need to ensure that all items are clearly labelled. They will need to be wearing full school uniform with purple Aubin Grove shirt and closed shoes.

They will need the following things:

  • School hat
  • Drink bottle
  • Recess and lunch in two separate, labelled disposable bags


We will need some parent helpers on the day. If you are interested please see the classroom teacher as soon as possible. If we have more than required we will draw names out.


Reechelle Gaudagnino


What a beautiful day we had Yesterday completing the LAPATHON! Thanks to all the parents who helped out today running, stamping and even catching the odd cheat…. lol. Here are some pictures taken from the day. 

Math Learning Experiences

We have be learning all about informal units of measure.

Swimming Lessons

Swimming starts week 1 next term.

We need to be on the oval by 8.30am. So please arrive no later than 8.25 am.

Please make sure kids are wearing your bathers with a dressing gown and thongs or slips on.

A towel inside a PLASTIC bag.

Inside their school bags should be:

1. School uniform

2. shoes and socks

3. lunch, recess and crunch.

Thanks for your co-operation!

ipad contract.

Dear Parents/Carers

On Monday the children will be bringing home an iPad contract. This document outlines the rules and responsibilities expect of the children whilst using this technology. Please take the time to read it with your child and return in to the classroom teacher at your earliest convenience.

If you have any questions regarding this please feel free to email Mrs Collinson our K-2 ICT coordinator.


Let me know if you have any questions!
Warm wishes,

Mrs Nina Collinson

Year 2 Teacher

Aubin Grove Primary School

85 Camden Bvd, Aubin Grove. 6164

Ph. (08) 9499 4009

Fax. (08) 9414 3103