Angles! Angles! Angles!

We have been learning about the parts of an angle and mastering our abilities to accurately measure and construct angles using a protractor. As we build on our knowledge of angles, our next goal is to practice making reasonable estimates of angle size.



In our class we use warm ups to revise concepts learned in previous lessons. The warm-ups are fast paced with choral and written responses. The students use show me boards to record and work out their answers, feedback from the teacher is immediate. Students are engaged and it gets them into the right frame of mind ready to begin their lesson!

Harmony Day

On Friday, we celebrated Harmony Day by having a whole school picnic. Thank you so much to our wonderful parents for providing a delicious cultural feast to help us celebrate this day. It was great to see and hear the excitement and conversations between the children as they shared their culture with each other. What a fabulous day!

Team Building

We spent lots of time in the first week getting to know each other and team building. One of the challenges we had to overcome was to work together as a team to change the formation of a stack of cups using only one long piece of string and an elastic band. There were only two rules; 1) The children were not allowed to touch the cups with their hands and 2) Everyone had to work equally to achieve the task.

When asked how they felt during the activity some of these words came to mind. Exhilarating, frustrating, annoying, fun, challenging. Through this activity, we were able to explore how to work productively in a team.