Scitech Excursion

On Wednesday 23rd August, 3 busloads of 143 excited year 5 students headed to Scitech. The students were awed by the Planetarium and learnt so many fascinating facts about space, such as Jupiter having 69 moons! The Things that Glow Show – was a favourite of many students with the loud noises, light experiments and fire! Who Dunnit was a forensic mystery that the students had to solve using investigative techniques. Then finally there was  “free time”  where the students got to use the interactive displays. The immersion of Science was not only fun and interactive but demonstrated that Science really does surround us and explains so many things in our lives!

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the awesome parent helpers Mrs Hauser, Mrs Cameron, Mr Mackenzie, Mrs Angel and Mrs Cook who volunteered their time to spend the day with us, not only helping guide the students, but having a bit of fun learning themselves!


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  1. Yury Jr
    Yury Jr says:

    The planetarium was so cool with all the realistic planets, after that we went to the science theater to watch the guy using things that glow and then we had free time doing all the cool things. After that we went back to school. After that I felt great.

  2. kye
    kye says:

    I really liked going to Scitech. I thought that it was really fun there. I hope we can have more excursions like this.


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