Swimming Lessons begin on Monday

Swimming lessons will begin on Monday 31st July. We will leave for the swimming pool at 1:30pm and arrive back at school at 2:50pm. On Tuesdays, we will start earlier and be back at school by 2:25pm for early close.

The children will need to come to school in their school uniforms and proper school shoes as we don’t go to swimming till the end of the day. Some children may wish to wear their bathers underneath their uniforms to make getting ready easier. If not, they will have the opportunity to change into their bathers at the end of lunch.

They will need 2 bags. The children will take their uniforms off and put it in one bag with their underwear, socks and shoes. This bag will stay at school. The children will leave the school with their bathers on, a rashie over the top, a warm dressing gown and thongs on their feet. They will also need a plastic swimming bag containing a towel and their goggles to bring with them to the pool.

The children will need to get changed when they return to school. We will endeavour to have the kids changed and ready to go by the siren but please be patient with us if we are running late.

Please label all belongings clearly – clothing, towels, goggles, bags and shoes.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.


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