Week 10 Term 3

Wow! Week 10 is here.

Please make sure to return homework folders and home readers if not yet returned.

This week we have a very exciting week, with open night on Wednesday, an author visit from Meg McKinlay on Thursday and Book Week parade and celebrations on Friday… not to mention it being the last week of Term 3!! Progress folders will go home on Thursday afternoon.

This week our reading focus is on enjoying books and our favourite books. We will be creating lots of stories, writing alternative endings to books, making book marks and profiling our favourite books. We are also diving deeper into what makes a good learner and reflecting on what we’ve learned in Term 3. In Maths we are continuing to work on telling the time and on the mental strategy of fact families.

Have a great week. Holidays are nearly here ! 🙂


Week 9 Term 3

Good afternoon! Two weeks left of school- crazy!

I am very sorry but I am out on Tuesday this week with the Kids Matter team.

Please make sure homework is returned on Friday as it is our last week of homework for this term. Our reading strategy is questioning and we are getting right into non-fiction texts. We are writing persuasive texts. In Maths we are learning the mental strategy of fact families. This is where children can recognise inverse operations such as 3 + 5 = 8 and 8 – 3 = 5. We are also continuing to learn about telling the time.

In Geography we are finishing off our globes and weather projects. We are also continuing STEM with Mr Kubicek for the rest of the term, using iPads to represent data. In Health we are discussing friendships and what good friends do and say.

Open night is Wednesday Week 10, 5:30- 7pm 20th September. Can I request that we have Kiss and Drop as usual Tuesday and Thursday, and then also on Friday this week and Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday next week as I begin to put everything up ready for the big reveal on Wednesday evening.


Thank you!

Outdoor Classroom Day and Drumming Incursion

Today we had our Outdoor Classroom Day and drumming incursion. For outdoor classroom day, we spent time outside reading to our Pre-Primary buddies (practicing fluency and questioning).

After recess, we had the Taiko Drumming Incursion. We were seriously entertained by the amazing drumming talents of the drummers and some lucky students (no one from Room 5 🙁 ) got to have a try at drumming!


We finished the day with a scavenger hunt outside! It was a very enjoyable day!

Week 7 Term 3

This week we are getting into our assessments for the progress folders which will go home at the end of the term. We are completing our narrative writing assessment on Monday and on Friday students will be assessed on their phonological awareness.

Once the assessment is complete, our text focus will be on reading and creating persuasive texts. We are still focusing on data in Maths, now representing and analyzing data. Students are really enjoying the data collection process!!!

In HASS, we are filming a special weather report for open night. We also have some secret Fathers Day projects on the go this week.

Don’t forget coming events:

Fathers Day P&C stall- Monday & Thursday this week

School disco- Thursday 8th September

Japanese Drumming Incursion- Thursday 8th September

Friday Sports Dress Up

Hi everyone, I’m very sorry for the late notice but we have a sports day dress up on the Friday. Students can dress up as their favourite team or sports clothing for a gold coin donation. We are raising money for the Year 6s Big Week Out.

Week 6 Term 3

Good morning! Week 6 is here!

This week we are focusing on the reading strategy of questioning. When readers ask questions before they read a text, they are activating prior knowledge and making predictions. Both of these activities engage interest and encourage text connections and comprehension. Questioning during reading can take the form of self-questioning, questioning the text, or questioning the author.

We are also creating narrative texts that will be presented on our bookshelves for open night. The students are drafting, editing and writing their narratives, as well as creating appropriate cover pages.

In Maths, we are learning the mental strategy of turn-arounds (e.g. turning around 8 + 20 to 20 + 8). Our learning focus is on collecting and interpreting data this week. We have our science investigation this week into melting chocolate with a focus on conducting a fair test.

In Geography we are creating scenes about weather and the way weather changes across the world.

Have a great week!

Book Week 2017

This year we will be celebrating book week the last week of this term. The theme is Escape to Everywhere. We will be having a visit from an author at the begin the beginning of the week and will also be reading some of the books that are on the book awards list. On Friday 22nd September the children are encouraged to come dressed up and take part in a whole school book week dress up parade.

The Year One team has decided to read and explore two of the books that have been selected for an award and are displayed in the library called The Snow Wombat and All I Want For Christmas is Rain. This links in closely with our HASS lessons at the moment as we are learning about the globe, weather and seasons.

We would like your child to come dressed for a type of weather  (e.g. rain coat, gumboots etc.) or as a particular type of weather  (e.g. as a sun, cloud, rainbow etc.)

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Week 5 Term 3

Good afternoon!

This week should be relatively normal! Don’t forget Tuesday & Thursday are Kiss and Drop, Wednesday is our library day, Monday is Crunch and Sip and homework folders come in every Friday.

We are reviewing the concept of ‘main ideas’ in reading and writing. Students identify only the most important information in the text. We are also exploring speech in texts. Our Maths focus is on identifying what questions we can collect numerical data on (e.g. What are Room 5’s 5 favourite fruits?)and what we can’t (e.g. why are fruits better than vegetables), as part of our chance and probability curriculum. In Health we are using the iPads to create a display of different emotions (watch out for this at open night in Week 10!). In Science we are discussing the properties of eggs and how they change as they are cooked. We are still working on exploring world maps and where the equator and poles are located.


Have a fantastic week!!

Week 4 Term 3

Good morning everyone!!

I  hope you’re having a lovely weekend.

This week I am away Thursday and Friday at a professional learning event.

Our focus in reading and writing is on setting description. This term we have our narrative assessment for the progress folders so we have a big focus on the elements of a good narrative. We are continuing and finishing off learning about Australian money. Our mental strategy is again ‘friendly numbers’.

In Science we are continuing to learn about chemical changes in food (e.g. bread to toast). We are learning about acts of kindness in Health.

Don’t forget, Monday is Waste Free, Tuesday and Thursday are Kiss and Drop days, and Wednesday is our library day this term.

Have a great week!

Spaghetti Science

This term in Science we have been exploring the way in which we can change things by applying heat/cold etc. Our focus for the fortnight has been on spaghetti. Today we brainstormed the properties of spaghetti when it was cooked and uncooked and discussed the way it change and couldn’t be changed back!

In groups, the students had a goal to build the tallest spaghetti towers they could using just spaghetti and marshmellows. Students compared the properties of cooked and uncooked spaghetti and decided uncooked was the go! They then had the challenge of constructing their tower, using the skills of communicators to discuss design and carry out the build.

Well, it sure was challenging!! Some groups found it very frustrating, but other groups used their knowledge of 3D shapes to construct towers.