Last week of Year 1!!

Hi everyone,

Here it is, the last week!!


Monday is the transition day when kids meet their new Year 2 teachers and classmates. Students who are not returning to AGPS next year all go together with a specialist teacher. Usually after the transition afternoon, class lists are posted up outside the office after school.

Tuesday we have our class party. If it’s not too hot, we will try to have our picnic outside. If you have a picnic blanket, I’d love if you could send it in! It is the Christmas concert at 5.30pm. Students need to be at Room 5 by 5pm. After the concert, I will need to dismiss the students. I’m not sure yet if this will be at the oval or if we will have to go back to class but we will be told on the night. Students need to stay with me on the grass until the end of the concert.

Wednesday is our last day with Mrs Miller! Reports will also go home on Wednesday.

Thursday is the very last day of school! :O


Thank you all so much for your support and kindness this year. It has been a pleasure teaching each and every one of your children. They have worked so hard and grown and matured so much. It’s going to be very hard to say goodbye!






Week 9 Term 4

Hi everyone. Nine days left, can you believe it?! :O 🙁

This week we have a (relatively!) normal week. We are continuing learning as normal but our activities will have a slightly Christmas-y angle! Our reading focus is still on fluency and expression. In Maths we are reviewing the mental strategies and finishing off location and transformation.

The presentations I have seen so far have been amazing. Thank you for your help with these! The students have so far done a beautiful job of speaking confidently and fluently about their chosen celebration.

Please send in $5 for the pizza party on Tuesday Week 10 as soon as possible.

Our transition afternoon is next Monday Week 10. Our Christmas concert and class party will be on Tuesday Week 10. On Wednesday Week 10 is Mrs Millers last day and reports go home. Thursday Week 10 is the last day of term. There is no school on Friday!!

All class blogs will be wiped ready for new classes in the next few weeks so if the blog no longer exists after this week, I will send our last week reminders as an email. If you want any photos form the blog, save them ASAP.

Thank you!

End of Year Class Party

On Tuesday the 12th of December the Year 1s will be having a class party to celebrate our year together. We have decided, this year, to order pizzas for the party instead of parents providing a plate of food. On this day you will not need to provide lunch for your child (only recess as usual). We ask that in lieu of providing a plate, you send in $5 with your child to help us pay for the party. I will be collecting the $5 from now until Wednesday the 6th of December.

I hope that your child can participate and am looking forward to celebrating a wonderful year in our classroom.

Thank you for your support.

Week 8 Term 4

Hi everyone,

Please see the below timetable for the presentations. Let me know if you need another day for some reason. A blog about class parties will go up this week but they will be early in Week 10. The end of year concert is Tuesday of Week 10, 12/12.

There will be no more home readers. Thank you very much to Gemma for your help with these this year! Library books are due back ASAP.

Have a great week!

Week 8


Keya, Jarvis


Vaamika, Alek


Fletcher, Isabella, Chloe


Kashyap, Poppy

Week 9


Rishan, Daisy


Zoe, Nathan


Marinela, Jasmine L.


Levi, Evah, Luke

Week 10


Liam, Layla


Lewis, Ellie


Noah, Jasmine M.

End of Year Concert

Dear Parents/Caregivers,

The End of Year Concert is fast approaching and students have been singing and dancing up a storm so that they can put on a fantastic show. This year the concert will be held on 12th December and is themed I Feel Good. The concert will commence at 5.30pm and students should be in their classrooms by 5pm. All Year 1 students will be performing “Best Day of My Life” by American Authors.

To make the performance extra special we would like the Year One students to dress in the following:

GIRLS – black leggings, coloured tutu with a coloured shirt (preferably same as tutu) and ribbons in hair.

BOYS – black shorts, brightly coloured t-shirt with baseball cap worn backwards.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact me or your child’s teacher.


Thank you,

Ash Verbickis

Junior Music Teacher

Week 7 Term 4

Please return all library books this week and any progress folders still outstanding. This will be our last week of home readers. A note went home about the oral presentations next week. See below if you didn’t get it

Oral Presentation Homework

In weeks 8, 9 and 10 students will be asked to give an oral presentation about significant family events/traditions. You can make your presentation using a prompt such a poster, keynote/powerpoint (on a USB), artefact or costume.

The presentation should include, but is not limited to:
• The type of event and why you celebrate/commemorate it.
• Who is involved in the event?
• Where does it take place?
• What do you do?
• Why do you do these things?

Examples (but not exclusively) include Christmas, birthdays, religious ceremonies, annual camping trips etc.

Please ensure your child is prepared to share by the Mon 27 Nov.

Learning Intention
We are learning to give an oral presentation.

Success Criteria
I can speak clearly and loudly.
I look at the audience when speaking.
I can speak fluently.
I use visuals to help me.
I speak for 1-3 minutes.



This week we are refining our introduction and conclusions in narratives. Our reading focus is on reading fluently and with expression. We are continuing to learn about location in Maths. In Health we are looking at cyber safety. In HASS we are continuing with managed, constructed and natural environments.

Have a great week!


Week 6 Term 4

This week we are finishing learning about comparing and contrasting in reading. We also begun our procedural texts! We will be writing the procedures for lots of exciting things in the coming weeks. In Maths we are learning to give and follow directions and are finishing off capacity. In Health we are learning about the purpose of exercise. In HASS we are completing an assessment about different environments and in Science we are comparing places in night and day. We also have a Junior assembly this week.

For the next few weeks students will be working on an oral language project that will be presented in Weeks 8, 9 and 10. A note for this will come home on Monday.

Don’t forget Monday is library day! Please return silver progress folders if you haven’t already.

Have a great week!

Week 5 Term 4

We should have more of a ‘normal’ week this week! Thanks to everyone who was able to come down for the sports carnival (either time!) Friday went very smoothly and though the kids were exhausted, I think they all had lots of fun.

Our writing focus will be on compound sentences this week. In Reading we are reading non-fiction texts and learning the reading strategy of comparing and contrasting. In Maths we are reviewing the mental strategies we have learned this year. Our learning focus will be on measuring capacity. In Health we are focusing on healthy eating. In Geography our focus is constructed, managed and natural environments.

Please send in progress folders if they haven’t come in already.


Have a great week!

Sports Carnival UPDATE

Dear Parent/Caregiver,


Due to poor weather conditions last Wednesday we unfortunately had to suspend events for all year 1 and 2 competitors. A decision has been made to run the year 1 and 2 component of the Junior Carnival this Friday the 3rd November.


This date provides us with more flexibility with times so please take note of the new timeline of events listed below.


FRIDAY 3rd of November


8:50am Year 1 & 2 students march towards faction bays

9:05am Year 1 Sprint races commence

9:05am Year 2 Tabloid events commence

9:55am Year 2 Sprint races commence

9:55am Year 1 Tabloid events commence

10.40am Recess break for 20 mins

11:00am Year 1 & 2 Team games to commence

12:20pm Year 1 & 2 Team games to conclude

12:25pm Presentations



**Please note that above times are approximates only***


Students will be required to wear their faction t-shirt and bring a clearly labelled

hat, water bottle, for the day. Sunscreen should be applied by parents in the morning prior to the event however students will also have access to sunscreen in their faction bay for re-application.


We wish to thank you for your patience and understanding.


Looking forward to a great day.


Craig Fritchley

Phys-Ed Specialist

Week 4 Term 4

Good morning,

What a funny week last week was and such a shame about the carnival. If I hear anything about a reschedule, I will make sure to let you know on here. I’m glad the popcorn on Thursday was a small consolation!

Thanks to those who remembered homework on Thursday. For the remainder of the year, we will not be sending sight word spelling home. Home readers will be sent home until Week 7 when they all need to be returned. To finish off the year, students will be presenting an oral language project that they will work on at home. Further details about this to come!

This week I am out of the classroom on Monday. We are continuing to read a range of non-fiction texts and examining their features. We are focusing on using compound sentences in our writing and writing a range of different text types this week. For Maths we are revising some place value concepts, assessing students’ overall maths knowledge.

The progress folders were sent home on Thursday. Please bring them back signed as soon as you have had a look through the and seen all the amazing progress our students have achieved 🙂

Have a great week!