Learner Qualities- Communicator

We have been learning about the Aubin Grove Learner qualities in our class. There are 3 main learner qualities.




These have been developed by staff to complement our visible learning professional development. Last week Mrs Lalor came in to teach us about being communicators.

Students completed three activities. First they discussed what a communicator is and what good communicators do.

First students worked in their teams to make the capital letter A, then a lower case a. They had to communicate clearly, speak in an appropriate voice and give feedback to work together, without being too bossy!!

We then explored body language by pulling different faces and having our partners guess the emotion we were showing. Finally, students played ‘Finger Tip Trip’, in pairs, giving directions around the classroom with their partner having their eyes closed. We were working on giving clear and careful feedback to keep our partners safe.

Students then helped compile a list by each saying one thing that is the most important for a good communicator to do. Ever since then, the students have been using lots of the ‘buzz’ words of communication, like feedback and collaboration!

Week 8

Good morning,

Next week (28/3) is our assembly! It starts at around 1.20pm and is in the undercover area. Our theme is Harmony Day.

This week, I will be out of the school on Tuesday afternoon but will be there in the morning.

Homework is due back on Friday. Swimming notes went out on Friday. Please bring these back as soon as possible, returning both money and permission slips to the slot at the front office.

In English we are learning to retell. This is a fantastic skill to practice with reading books at home if you aren’t already. The trick we use to remember all the parts of a retell is the 5 finger retell (setting, characters, problem, solution, ending). We are focusing on capitals and full stops in writing and also on personal writing goals.

For Maths this week we are continuing to explore counting back, and will also be learning about length and duration.

We will also be working on the concept of a growth mindset and the Aubin Grove Learner qualities. In between all of that we will be diligently practicing for our Harmony Day assembly!

We have Mr Kubicek in on Wednesday to continue our STEM robotics and coding lessons.

It’s going to be a great week!