In our Professional Development day last Friday we learned more about giving effective feedback and how important that is for students. The professional learning highlighted the importance of the difference between feedback (e.g. do you think you’ve included all the parts of a recount?)  and praise (e.g. Great work!). We also learned about how feedback includes not just me providing feedback to students, but students also reflecting on their work and giving their peers feedback. Giving and receiving feedback is a tricky thing to learn to do (especially at such a young age), so it will take a lot of explicit teaching to teach students to give and receive meaningful feedback. From the research that John Hattie has done around the most effective teaching practices, we know that feedback is one of the most important components of student learning.

So to begin our feedback journey, students have been using the success criteria in writing to reflect and improve on their narrative before they bring it to me for my feedback. They are become more reflective learners.

Yesterday, we had a Year 4 class to come and visit and students read their narratives to each other. The Year 4s provided the Year 1s with feedback on their narratives and vice versa. I wish I could have recorded every single conversation, they were incredible! The Year 1s used a set of criteria (character, setting, problem, solution, ending and 2+ adjectives) to provide feedback and ask for feedback. They were incredibly engaged and all came away with something they did well and something they need to work on.

Our next step in learning about feedback will be to teach students to reflect on their work and the process of feedback… watch out for this display in class next week 🙂

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