Week 3 Term 3

Good morning! Sorry for the lack of blog post for last week!

Don’t forget- library is now Wednesday, homework comes in every Friday and we are doing Kiss and Drop Tuesday and Thursday.

This week in reading we are focusing on drawing out key information for text (the big ideas!) on each page. We are reflecting this in writing by writing about the main things that happened on the weekend and writing stories and then identifying the main ideas. We are also working on making our stories more exciting and interesting. We are going to read stories then plot them on an excitement graph, and then plot our own stories on excitement graph.

In Maths we are looking at Australian coins, their values and ordering them, moving into some coin adding up. Our mental strategy is friendly numbers (E.g. 10+4, 20+1).

In HASS our focus is on Geography, and where Australia is in the world in relation to the equator and the poles. Our Science for the week is very hands on, comparing cooked and uncooked foods (eek!).

I will be away on Thursday afternoon. This term Aubin Grove is a part of the Big Splash project decorating a dolphin for the new children’s hospital to raise awareness about children’s mental health. As a part of this, I am going to PMH to find out more information about what we can be doing in class to support students’ health and well being.

Have a great week!

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