Week 5 Term 3

Good afternoon!

This week should be relatively normal! Don’t forget Tuesday & Thursday are Kiss and Drop, Wednesday is our library day, Monday is Crunch and Sip and homework folders come in every Friday.

We are reviewing the concept of ‘main ideas’ in reading and writing. Students identify only the most important information in the text. We are also exploring speech in texts. Our Maths focus is on identifying what questions we can collect numerical data on (e.g. What are Room 5’s 5 favourite fruits?)and what we can’t (e.g. why are fruits better than vegetables), as part of our chance and probability curriculum. In Health we are using the iPads to create a display of different emotions (watch out for this at open night in Week 10!). In Science we are discussing the properties of eggs and how they change as they are cooked. We are still working on exploring world maps and where the equator and poles are located.


Have a fantastic week!!

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