Week 6 Term 3

Good morning! Week 6 is here!

This week we are focusing on the reading strategy of questioning. When readers ask questions before they read a text, they are activating prior knowledge and making predictions. Both of these activities engage interest and encourage text connections and comprehension. Questioning during reading can take the form of self-questioning, questioning the text, or questioning the author.

We are also creating narrative texts that will be presented on our bookshelves for open night. The students are drafting, editing and writing their narratives, as well as creating appropriate cover pages.

In Maths, we are learning the mental strategy of turn-arounds (e.g. turning around 8 + 20 to 20 + 8). Our learning focus is on collecting and interpreting data this week. We have our science investigation this week into melting chocolate with a focus on conducting a fair test.

In Geography we are creating scenes about weather and the way weather changes across the world.

Have a great week!

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