Week 7

Good morning! I hope everyone enjoys the sleep in on Monday… I know I will! Please send in excursion forms and money ASAP if you haven’t already. The excursion is next Tuesday the 13th of June. We will leave at 8.45 so please make sure you are at school on time. On the day of the excursion your child will need to ensure that all items are clearly labelled. They will need to be wearing full school uniform with purple Aubin Grove shirt and closed shoes.

They will need the following things:

  • School hat
  • Drink bottle
  • Recess and lunch in two separate, labelled disposable bags

This week in Maths we are looking at number patterns and applying the part part whole strategy into word problems. In English we are working on narratives, building exciting characters and settings. For reading, our focus is on identifying key ideas. Our Science focus is on sound. In Health we are discussing emotions, how we show emotion with our body and our face and what it means when other people are showing emotions.

If you didn’t bring in homework on Thursday, please bring homework folders in on Tuesday morning to get a new reading book.

Have a lovely week!

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