Welcome to Room 6 Year 2

Welcome to the wonderful world of Room 6 with Miss Yeomans! The children and I are having a fantastic year, filled with learning, growth and new friendships.

Here you will find information on school and class news and updates; our learning; and home learning.

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Contact Information

Please feel free to contact me, either in person or via e-mail, with any questions or concerns. I am available before and after school. If your concern is pressing or lengthy, please arrange a meeting with me via e-mail.

Teacher’s Name: Miss Sophie Yeomans
Email: sophie.yeomans@education.wa.edu.au
Phone: (08) 9499 4009

More information

Our weekly timetable is as follows:

Please note that there will be no formal News in Term 2, 3 and 4 as Speaking and Listening will be assessed via other formats. If children wish to share News with the class, this can be negotiated the day before with Miss Yeomans.

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Important Dates

  • Home reading ends- Friday 23rd November (Week 7)
  • Last day of Term 4- Thursday 13th December (Week 10)

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