Welcome to Room 6 Year 1

We are the awesome group of students from Room 6. We are looking forward to sharing our Year 1 journey with you through our blog. 2017 will be full of discovery, wonder and creativity as well as lots of fun because that is how we learn! Our teacher, Mrs Hall is helping us to develop into active and reflective learners. As an active learner we are working with hands-on materials and talking and working with our peers about our learning and understandings and using these skills in many authentic experiences. As a reflective learner we are learning to reflect on our learning and our understandings. We have begun a reflective journal and will work throughout the year to use our reflections to set our learning goals to help us move forward.

Some blog posts Mrs Hall will write for us, but others we will work with her during class to create and write. So please remember to leave us a comment. We would love to know who is reading about our Year 1 journey.

So until next time be sweet parakeets and take care polar bears!

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Please email Kathy Hall – kathryn.hall@education.wa.edu.au

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