Oral Language Presentation – Home Learning

Oral Presentation Home Learning

In weeks 8, 9 and 10 students will be asked to give an oral presentation about significant family events/traditions. They can make their presentation using a prompt such a poster, keynote/powerpoint (on a USB), artefact or costume.

The presentation should include, but is not limited to:

• The type of event and why you celebrate/commemorate it.

• Who is involved in the event?

• Where does it take place?

• What do you do?

• Why do you do these things?

Examples (but not exclusively) include Christmas, Birthdays, Religious ceremonies, to Annual Camping Trips.

I will allocate your child a day in either Week 8 or Week 9 to present their oral presentation. This information will be communicated with you via email and it will also be on the classroom window.

Learning Intention

We are learning to give an oral presentation.

Success Criteria

I can speak clearly and loudly.

I look at the audience when speaking.

I can speak fluently.

I use visuals to help me.

I speak for 1-3 minutes.

Home Learning

As we begin our second week of swimming I have made the decision to reduce the home learning tasks for this week. The students are working really hard at their swimming lessons and adapting well to the change in routine but are definitely tired and as parents you are busy washing, drying and repacking swimming clothes for the next day. So for this week only, the students have taken just a home reader. Any students who didn’t have their home learning folder with them today, can bring it in tomorrow and we will put in a new reader for this week. As usual, all students are able to access Mathletics and Mathletics Live if they wish to complete some additional revision.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me should you require additional information.