Excursion to Peninsula Farm

A huge thank you to all the students and the Parent Helpers who attended our recent excursion to Peninsula Farm. It was a really valuable excursion as we move into our HASS (Humanities and Social Science) inquiry learning for the last weeks of term and gave the students a great introduction into discovering more about The differences and similarities between students’ daily lives and life during their parents’ and grandparents’ childhoods (e.g. family traditions, leisure time, communications) and how daily lives have changed (WA Curriculum).

 The tour of the house, looking at “old” artefacts, and participating in some “old fashioned games” provided many opportunities for the students to be “tuned in” to our new learning and has resulted in the children beginning to pose wonder questions to guide us as we move forward. I am really looking forward to where this learning journey will take us. If any parent has a particular interest in this area or has any items which we could borrow for a short time, please let me know.



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