Outdoor Classroom Day

Today Outdoor Classroom Day was celebrated Australia wide to encourage classes to get out beyond the traditional four walls of a classroom. At Aubin Grove we have a strong belief in the benefits of students learning outdoors through a variety of opportunities so we certainly didn’t hesitate to join in.

The Room 6 students today started with taking Maths outdoors where they were working collaboratively in small groups to pose questions related to data collection, this has links with our current learning in Digital Technologies. Between recess and lunch the students were engaged in an English task based on narrative character and settings. When we first went outside we spoke about the importance of being aware of our surroundings and participated in some discussion and observation tasks to tune us in to outdoor learning. Then the students were able to use any space within the gardens or sand pit to create a setting for a narrative which they are going to write. Students were encouraged to either work independently or in pairs (personal choice) and then utilise natural materials. Once the setting was created, students were then able to create a character for their narrative. Some students completed both of these tasks during the time and then moved into creating scenes depicting the narrative complication and solution. It was a very successful and engaging session and I encourage parents to talk to their child about what they created today.



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