Swimming Information

We commence swimming lessons on Day 1 of next term (Wednesday 26 April) and continue through to Friday 5 May. To assist in a smooth start and to ensure all students are prepared please read the following information.

We will depart school on the bus at 9.25am, our lesson time is 9.45-10.25. We will leave the pool promptly to return to school allowing for the bus to continue other pick ups on time. The students will be eating crunch ‘n’ sip at 9am prior to leaving and then eating recess upon return.

  • Students will come to school wearing bathers and their school uniform over the top with appropriate school footwear.
  • Please remember to pack underwear each day.
  • Students wearing boardshorts do not need to wear their school shorts over the top, however if they are wearing a rashie vest they will need to wear their school top.
  • All school uniform items will be left at school to change into when we return.
  • We ask that you send in appropriate slip on footwear (thongs) and a shirt or dressing gown to wear over the top of bathers to and from the pool.
  • A separate swimming bag is required (reusable shopping bag is fine) to carry to and from the pool – please place in this bag towel, goggles, shirt or dressing gown and thongs.
  • If you would like to include a plastic bag for wet clothes that would be helpful.
  • Please clearly label ALL items of clothing, towel and goggles as it will assist in reducing the amount of lost property over the two weeks.

Should you have any questions regarding swimming please do not hesitate to contact me via email – kathryn.hall@education.wa.edu.au or leave a comment and I will respond.

Thank you for a wonderful Term One and we look forward to a busy Term Two.

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