Upcoming Assembly, a request and help needed


As you are all aware the Room 6 Assembly is coming up in a few weeks. We would love for you to attend on the afternoon of Tuesday 22 August, commencing at 1.20pm.

Any children with speaking parts should have brought home a small slip with their words to learn. If your child says that they have words but you haven’t got the slip – please let me know and I will arrange to email the words through to you.

No costuming is necessary as students will be performing in their usual school uniform.

If you have any further questions regarding the assembly please do not hesitate to ask.


At Aubin Grove we have implemented a no toys to be brought to school request to reduce the likelihood of items being broken, going missing or being used to select friends etc. Students were encouraged to bring alternative items for news rather than toys. There has been an increase of toys coming in and students have very little which they can say about a toy when compared to another item or event. I will put a list of suggestions up in the classroom which you may wish to use to encourage your child to talk about something else. However, please do not consider this an exhaustive list and students should still be encouraged to come up with their own ideas to share. I have also noticed an increase in the number of small sized toys (eg. lego people, decorative erasers, small cars, ooshies and shopkins) coming into the classroom in pockets this week. I have spoken to the class about the reasons why we keep these items at home and if you could also encourage this message I would appreciate it.


If any parent is willing to assist until no later than 9am on a Monday morning with swapping home reader books I would appreciate the assistance. It is easy to do and just requires you to tick off the returned book and write the new book down for each student. I probably only need one parent but would be happy to have two just in case of absences etc. Please email me if you are willing and able to help. If I am inundated with offers I am happy to share the load amongst all who are willing.

Have a wonderful weekend and see you all Monday.

I can’t believe it, Week 4 already!


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