The students have recently had the opportunity to engage with bee-bots in a series of engaging introduction to coding lessons. A bee-bot is a small, easy to operate floor robot. Students are able to enter a single step or multi-step sequence in a forward, backward, left or right direction and then press GO to observe the bee-bot follow through the programmed movements. Through the use of bee-bots the students are sequencing, problem-solving, estimating and having fun with technology. We will be continuing our introduction to coding until the end of Term One.



This week in Science we have started looking at different animals in our environment. The aim is to observe the external features of some animals leading to a better understanding of how their features help them survive in their habitats.

We started by looking at the good old garden snail. We were all surprised to learn about some of this creatures features and mostly just loved getting out our magnifying glasses to have a closer look.