Swimming Information

We commence swimming lessons on the first day back of term 3, Wednesday the 26th of April.

For the first two weeks you will need to make sure your child is prepared each day for lessons.

We will be leaving school on the bus at 10.15 to arrive at the pool for a 10.35 start. The lesson will finish at 11.15 each day and we plan to be back at school at 11.35.

Please make sure your child comes to school each day in their bathers with school uniform over the top and appropriate school footwear (for the students wearing board shorts they do not need school shorts on top but will need to be wearing a school t-shirt.).  We will be leaving all school uniform at school to change back into when they return. Please pack a separate bag to take to swimming containing a towel, goggles, thongs and either a t-shirt or dressing gown to wear over the top of their bathers for the ride to and from the pool. Don’t forget to pack some clean underwear for your child to change into after the lessons. If you would like to include a plastic bag for wet clothes that would be helpful. Please  make sure to label everything!

Finally, as we will be missing recess it would be a good idea to pack a substantial crunch and sip to get them through to lunch time. We will make sure to eat his before we depart for the pool.

If you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to email me.

Happy Holidays!

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