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S.T.E.M Challenge

Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths Challenge. 1 piece of paper, glue, scissors and a ruler and 6 minuets to complete! Who’s plane can defy gravity the longest? https://youtu.be/Y10bfHBwKsQ Well done Pilot Calvin!  

Term 4 Week 6

Please return all outstanding home work folders on Monday. If you ordered bookclub the orders will be delivered on Monday. If you made a ‘gift’ order please contact me to collect so I won’t give it to the child. Week 6: Monday – Library day (last borrowing session for the year) and New home learning (last […]

Gravity, Friction and Buoyancy

More pushes and pulls with home made helicopter parachutes. How does the wing length and width effect the helicopter’s flight? How to you make it go further? How do you make it spin more? Check out the link below for some videos and slow motion helicopter release! https://youtu.be/3qZl948pY58

A Message from Mr Pansini

If you are not returning to Aubin Grove next year, can I ask that you please let me, or the Front Office, know asap. Our school expects a drop in student enrolments for next year, owing to the establishment of Honeywood PS, so in order to plan for the number of teachers and classrooms required, […]

Week 5 Term 4 – Half Way!!

We are at the half way mark! Please return all outstanding home work folders on Monday. Please return progress folders to me asap. Week 5: Monday – Library day and New home reader. Tuesday –  Early Close. Wednesday – Art. Thursday – Japanese, Music and Junior Sport. Friday – Sport and Mrs Spingett is in. Home learning due. Year […]


In Science this Term we have been doing physics! We have been exploring push and pull forces and the effects of gravity, friction and buoyancy. This week’s task was to make a lump of clay float!  

Sports Carnival Tomorrow

Students arrive at school normal time for the morning. They wear faction shirts and MUST have their school hat and water bottle. Please clearly NAME everything. There will be sunscreen in the bays. Year 1 and 2 Carnival runs from 9am – 12pm. 8.50 Students march down to bays. 9.o5 Year 2s play tabloids. 9.55 […]