Term 4 Learning

The following is an outline of what we are teaching this term in our core subject areas.


  • Review Persuasive writing.
  • Poetry and Procedures.
  • Review of punctuation, full stops, commas, question marks, exclamation marks and speech marks.
  • Identifying and understanding homophones.
  • Identifying and understanding contractions.
  • Writing simple, compound and complex sentences.
  • Using interesting conjunctions in everyday writing.
  • Continuation of reading strategies and our phonics target sounds.
  • Words Their Way spelling sorts.


  • Exploring the connection between addition and subtraction.
  • Multiplication and division strategies.
  • Solving addition, subtraction, multiplication and division word problems.
  • Locating and writing coordinates on maps.
  • Data collection, classification and presentation.
  • Measurement of length, area, volume and capacity.


  • Physical Sciences – A push or a pull affects how an object moves or changes shape:
    · Exploring ways that objects move on land, through water and in the air.
    · Exploring how different strengths of pushes and pulls affect the movement of objects.
    · Identifying toys from different cultures that use the forces of push or pull.
    · Considering the effects of objects being pulled towards the Earth.

HASS (History and Social Sciences): 

  • Geography/History – the ways in which Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples maintain connections to their Country/Place.
  • Geography: connections and travel to other states of Australia and Asia.


  • Strategies and behaviours that promote mental health and wellbeing.
  • Strategies to use when help is needed: Procedure and practice for dialling
    000 in an emergency, Locating safety houses and trusted networks in the local community. 
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