Week 6 Update

Hello everyone!

Here is in info for the week ahead.

Week 6:
 Library day! New home learning.
Tuesday: Assembly and early close.
Wednesday: Art.
Thursday: Japanese, Music and Junior Sport (weather permitting).
Friday: Sport, sport team dress up day and Mrs S in. Reading books due.
Sport Team Dress Up Day!
Please bring a gold coin donation. Children can wear any sport team clothes, including the teams they play for or barrack for. Anyone who does not want to wear a sport team outfit must wear school uniform.

Other Happenings!
Please fill out the forms, place them in an envelope with payment and drop them into the ‘school’ post box outside of admin asap.

Japanese Incursion – http://aubingroveps.wa.edu.au/room-8/japanese-incursion/

School Disco – http://aubingroveps.wa.edu.au/room-8/year-2-disco/

Students or families who will not be returning to Aubin Grove in 2018
Planning is well underway for next year, and accurate student numbers are essential in ensuring the school is not over or under staffed.
Whether they are enrolling their children at Honeywood Primary School or elsewhere, parents are urged to contact larna.jones@education.wa.edu.au with the following information:
1. Child/ren’s names
2. 2017 year level/s
3. Name of school or other location (e.g. another state) that they are moving to.

Book Week – http://aubingroveps.wa.edu.au/room-8/book-week-dress-up/

Earn and Learn
Once again Aubin Grove Primary School is participating in the “Earn & Learn” Woolworths promotion. Parents who shop at Woolworths can collect stickers from the checkout operator. There will be 1 sticker for every $10 spent*. These can be placed in the collection box, either at school admin area or at your local Woolworths store.

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