Welcome to Room 9 Year 2/3

Welcome to Room 9’s Class Blog!

We will use our class blog as a platform for communication. Any important information, such as notes, homework tasks, and classroom updates will be posted here. On this blog, you will also find photos of our students and examples of student work. You may subscribe to our blog to receive any updates 🙂

We are so excited for our family, friends and community to share the journey we take in our learning.

Room 9 is derived of 23 amazing individuals. Although only seven & eight years old, these young people are  intriguing, open-minded, bright and inquisitive people. I just know that our classroom is a place where every individual feels accepted, wanted and appreciated.

Through the means of this blog, I hope that you gain insight into what we share everyday within our learning. We will try our hardest to meet these expectations with the support of pictures, videos, samples of work and extracts from students.


Thank you for joining us and please leave comments 🙂

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