Class Party!

Good afternoon everyone,
Our class will be celebrating the christmas party in Room 9 on Tuesday 12th December!
We will be having food from 12pm-12:35pm. 
As food is always plentiful, lunch & Crunch ‘n’ Sip are not required to be packed for the day; however, please still bring a snack for recess.
We will conclude our afternoon with games & fun activities before our early close & EOY Concert.
Girls are asked to please bring savoury foods and boys, sweets. To avoid doubling up foods, I have created a Google page that you all have access to. Please find your child’s name and type the food that you will be bringing.
As we have limited fridge space & I can’t take time out of the classroom to cook, please do not bring anything that requires refrigerating or cooking/warming. However, if you wish to bring something that is hot/cold, you are welcome to deliver them to school at 11:50pm.
I will also have a copy of this list outside the class and will update each morning.
Please find the link below.

Click Here!

Thank you so much for your contribution, the kids are so looking forward to ending an awesome year with fun, laughter and good grub 😊

Week 6&7

We have had non-stop fun and learning over the last fortnight and it certainly isn’t stopping anytime soon.


Mr Kubicek is back for the next 4 weeks to teach us about Coding and Technologies. He will visit us each Thursday for a 45 minute session where we will be creating codes for Spheros using the newest technology that AG has to offer.

In Week 6, we were learning all about algorithms and how we use them in everyday experiences, such as getting ready for school in the morning, following a recipe, etc. We ordered and followed an algorithm to create an aeroplane and got to fly them too! See below for some pictures!

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In Week 7, Mr Kubicek brought along his Spheros which are amazing! These little cylinder shaped robots are able to be programmed to follow a range of instructions. This week we were having a go at making the Spheros follow the code to move in a square.

See below some pictures & videos of them in action!

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Year 2 Science

In Science, we have been learning all about forces. We have been investigating push, pull, gravity & buoyancy and have completed a range of experiments to see these forces in real life! We had a talk about what it feels like to push a ball underwater, what forces are used when playing on a swing, the speed of something hitting the ground due to gravity and so much more.
In Week 6, we discussed the contributing factor to all of these things; air. Miss Bent set us the task of collecting as much air as we could into sandwich bags. We had a walk around and ‘caught air’ We eventually found that air can be found everywhere! We can’t see it, but it is always around us. Find some very curious pictures below….


‘Catching’ air from a tree because it gives us Oxygen.


Blowing into our bag because we have air in our bodies


Atwell Band

Members of the Atwell Band came to play us some music that they have been hard at work practising this year. The Atwell Band consists of students from Year 5-6 from Atwell, Success & Aubin Grove Primary Schools. This year, the band played us a symphony of music from popular movies and bands.


During Health over the last couple of weeks, we have been learning about what it means to be healthy (getting enough sleep, a balanced diet, exercise, mental wellbeing, keeping hydrated, etc.) As we were working extremely hard, Miss Bent decided to throw in a bonus lesson to learn about the different tastes our tongues can pick up. We watched a short video about our amazing tongues, completed a definition sort and finally… we got to taste various foods that target specific parts of our tongues. Some of these foods/drinks were delicious, while some were… well just take a look at the slideshow below.

Foods: Seaweed, Strawberries, Salted Crackers, Cooking Chocolate
Drinks: Tonic Water, Lemonade, Lemon Juice, Soy Sauce


Keep updated for next fortnight’s post!

Week 7 Notes

Hey everyone,

We’re nearing the end – but not quite there yet!

Here are some key dates from now until the end of the year:

Tuesday 21st Nov
  – Junior Assembly
Tuesday 28th Nov – Junior Assembly
Thursday 30th Nov – Pre-ordered 2018 Booklist collection 2-4pm Undercover area.
Monday 11th December – Transition afternoon. Children meet their 2018 teacher in their 2018 classroom.
Tuesday 12th December – Class Parties and End of Year Concert 5.30pm. (More information coming soon!)
Wednesday 13th December – Reports home.
Thursday 14th December – Last day!

If you have a Progress Folder at home, please bring it back to school this week!

Year 3 Parents – If you already have your MacBook for 2018, you can bring it into school ASAP to be imaged and updated with the school programs. Mrs Smith is waiting in the Deputies Office to receive them 🙂

EOY Concert
Please find below the costume for Year 2 and Year 3 student.

Please Note: Costumes for Year 2 & 3 are different. Although we are in the same class, students will be performing with their year group. Please ensure that you have read the correct costume outlines for your child!


Year 3

Screen Shot 2017-11-20 at 11.36.44 am.png

Year 2

Screen Shot 2017-11-21 at 10.27.54 am.png

Week 5!!

Hey everyone,

What a full on term we have had thus far – with a Faction Carnival that had us looking like drowned rats, followed by a re-do with glorious weather, it’s safe to say that we are off to an interesting start. And we only have 5 weeks left! Insane.

I have been asked to post the following, as it is important to our placements of students next year:

If you are not returning to Aubin Grove next year, can I ask that you please let me, or the Front Office, know asap. Our school expects a drop in student enrolments for next year, owing to the establishment of Honeywood PS, so in order to plan for the number of teachers and classrooms required, it is essential that we have the most accurate information possible. 

Thank you in anticipation.

I am also awaiting responses from Year 3 parents in regards to how you will be purchasing MacBooks next year. This information is imperative to us, as we need to know how we will distribute our school bank of MacBooks and whether any more purchases for the school are needed. If you could please let me know via email or if you see me, this would be greatly appreciated.

I will update the ‘Student Learning’ page soon with updates of our term, including Faction Carnival & excursion pics. Stay tuned!




Also! Have you guys looked at the cover photo of Room 9 from the beginning of the year? I can’t believe how much they have grown!!16593431_10154873005496877_1475749472_o


Yr 1-2 Faction Carnival

Junior Faction Carnival

The time is nigh – Our Junior School Faction Carnival is on Wednesday!

The event list is hanging on the door with details of what race & game your child is partaking in (Yr 2 only!)

Our day will begin shortly after recess. Parents & spectators are asked to be seated & ready for our march down to the Faction Bays by 11:25am!

Year 2 Tabloids begin at 11:40am
Year 2 Sprint Races at 12:20pm
Year 2 Team Games at 1:10pm
Faction Carnival Presentations at 2:35pm

Year 3 students will join in with the other Year 3 classes for the remainder of the day (after recess). They will still be dismissed at 2:50pm and will meet parents at the usual meeting place.




Hey everyone,

A bit of an urgent call out to Year 3 parents – is anyone available to assist on our excursion tomorrow? A parent from another class has had a change of plans and had to pull out.

First come, first served.

Thank you!

Week 2 Notes

Hey everyone!


Just a reminder that excursion notes must be returned no later than tomorrow!

All food must be in disposable containers

No school bags to come to school on Friday

Purple shirts and school hats must be worn!

A prompt arrival to school is needed – we will be meeting the buses at the end of the oval @ 8:35am, ready for departure at 8:45am

MacBook 1:1 Program

notes have been sent home today. Please also let me know as soon as possible if you plan to purchase your MacBook privately or through Winthrop (School Portal).


Does anyone have any Coles/Woolies catalogues at home? I would love it you could bring it in to school tomorrow as part of our Maths lesson. Thank you!

Junior Faction Carnival

I will have events & times hanging on the window soon for the Faction Carnival. Stay tuned.


If you are not yet following the blog, please do so. The link can be found underneath my name on this email. All information is posted on the blog with email contact being reserved only for direct information in accordance with your child.


If your child is off school for any reason, please send me a quick email or call the office to advise of their absence. This is now a whole school initiative to ensure that our attendance is accurately documented. Your co-operation on this is greatly appreciated.

Finally, there will be a relief teacher in Room 9 tomorrow, however, I will still be here so if you need anything just holler!


Week 1 Fun! (Term 4)

What an awesome start back to our final term together!

In Maths, we have been recapping the place value, including counting up & down, ordering numbers, bridging to 10 and recognising value of numbers into the 10 000s. This revision has allowed us to further consolidate our knowledge and understanding of place value and has also given us the opportunity to demonstrate this learning by using bridging to ten with larger numbers – which helps us when counting money, etc.


This term we will have a continued focus on Information Reports. This is fluent within our guided reading sessions too as we learn specific learning strategies that will continue to assist us with research and writing. This week, we have been learning how to ‘skim and scan’ when reading. By learning how to quickly read an article, we have been able to apply this when scanning for relevant information from websites, books, etc.

During our Library session we selected a book to take home & a factual information book on an animal of our choice (this book needs to stay at school). We will be using these books to help us in our inquiry process for writing an information report, alongside internet research.

Stay tuned to see our awesome animal reports!

On Thursday, we had Mrs Matthews come into our classroom and run some KAGAN activities with us. KAGAN is very much focussed on building an environment that thrives on teamwork and trust. Ask us what we did to do this & see the pictures below!

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R U OK Day
What an incredible day we had! We discussed what it meant to be OK and that being mentally healthy is just as important as being nutritiously healthy. As a class, we talked about where we go, or what we do, that makes us feel ok – this could be going to the park, reading a book, cuddles from Mum, etc.

Using the ideas, we created a picture. This was used as a muse for our ginormous canvas painting with Elle (a local artist). We were able to use our hands, feet, paintbrushes, etc. to add our painting to a huge roll of canvas. This canvas is going to be chopped up and framed around the school, depicting where our students feel most safe and in turn, reminding us about the importance of making sure other’s are ok!

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A wrap on Term 3!

What an extremely busy but fantastic term we have had!

Over the last couple of weeks, we have had an abundance of fun.

Senior Sports Carnival

Our Year Students had the chance to participate in the AGPS Senior Sports Carnival for the first time. The weather was amazing, the sportsmanship shown between the 4 Factions and the students was beautiful to see and we got to spend a whole day having fun out on the oval with our friends.
Gold Faction won this year’s Senior Sports Carnival, with Red Faction close in tow.
Who will win our Junior Sports Carnival next term? (Wednesday 25th of October – Year 2 only!)

Outside Classroom Day!

We took our learning outside for Outside Classroom Day. Miss Bent hid task cards for Financial Mathematics and we had heaps of fun looking for them and answering them with our friends, while spending some time in the beautiful nature and gardens that surrounds our school!

Book Week Parade

Over the last couple of weeks, we have been conducting a book study in correlation with this year’s Book Week theme, ‘Escape to Everywhere’. Book Week is about celebrating literature and recognising the many types and genres of stories. By choosing a book as a class, we were able to focus specifically on the one text, that some children may not have been exposed to otherwise. This has been an important focus in our literacy learning as we have been using new reading strategies, such as comparing and contrasting, summarising, identifying detail, sequencing, and responding to questions. These specific reading focuses assist in our ability to read and comprehend texts as we develop our literal and inferential questioning.

We chose Alice in Wonderland as our book for Book Week, as there is opportunity to investigate the book in greater depth. We discussed how many versions of this timeless classic have been reviewed and modified to suit specific readers and how the language of the books has been changed from ‘old fashioned’ speak to a more contemporary and modernised way.

We had the awesome opportunity to compare and contrast the book to the 1951 Disney adaptation of Alice in Wonderland. Please come and look through our Book & Movie Reviews on display in the classroom to see how much work went into our Book Week focus.

Due to adverse weather conditions, our annual Book Week Parade was cancelled. However, we had the opportunity to showcase our fantastic costumes in the Undercover Area in front of several year levels. We are sad that parents missed out on this, this year; however, we hope that the attached video and picture are some small consolidation that can be accessed over years to come.

Room 9 Book Week Parade

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