Girls & Boys Luncheon

I will be holding a Luncheon for the boys this Thursday 14th Sept, and one for the girls on Monday 18th Sept. During these luncheons, the children will be invited to stay in the classroom to eat lunch and for the remainder of the afternoon. We will play games, have building challenges, braid hair & dance, etc. This will provide the students with time to have fun with one another and continue to build new friendships (there might also be some delicious treats!)

I feel that allowing the children to interact with one another in a situation that is different from playing on the oval and from working together on school work, it will allow them to make connections to others, in turn widening their friendship groups.

I hope that by this luncheon, the children will recognise the importance of empowering one another and develop further in their empathetic skills.

I look forward to seeing everyone there 🙂

Samson House Excursion Notes

Hey everyone,

Just a couple of notes about the incursion tomorrow:

  • Children need to bring their lunch and recess in a LABELLED  & disposable bag/container (no lunch boxes!!) Drink bottles should also be labelled.
  • PURPLE School Uniform must be worn (no faction shirts!)
  • Every child must have their school hat
  • Comfortable shoes must be worn as there is quite a bit of walking
  • Students should arrive at school no later than 8:30am as we will be boarding the bus at 8:45am down the bottom of the oval

Parent helpers: Please meet me in my class at 8:20am so that I can give you a run down of the day. You will need comfy shoes, food and a mobile phone. I will have a bag ready for your group with some basic first aid supplies, an iPad to photograph your group’s adventures and space to put your group’s hats/water bottles etc. Feel free to bring a back pack instead!

It’s going to be an awesome day & fingers crossed that the sunshine stays. It’s up to you whether students bring jumpers, etc. but all children must take responsibility for their own possessions.

I hope that everyone gets plenty of sleep – we will definitely need it! Especially those kids attending tomorrow’s School Disco!



Hey guys!

This year’s Book Week theme is ‘Escape to Everywhere’

On Friday 22nd September we will be showcasing our chosen book by parading around the Basketball Court in our costumes. Leading up to this, we will be investigating and researching our chosen book, as well as making comparisons to other related texts and media.

Room 9’s book for Book Week is ‘Alice in Wonderland’. This may be interpreted in whatever way you see fit (movie vs books). We will be comparing the movie (new and old) to the book and reflecting onthe characterisation of the characters.


Some awesome costume ideas are:
The Mad Hatter
Cheshire Cat
Tea Cups/Saucers (Tea Party related)
Forest animals/etc.
Tweede Dee & Tweedle Dum
Playing Cards
Queen of Hearts
The Chatterway girls
Bottle (‘Drink Me’ sign)
The White Queen

Please seeme if you have any questions! 🙂


Notes: Week 7

Hey everyone!

NAPLAN results will be on their way home. Please make sure that you check your child’s bag as things are often left in there 😛

Samson House is coming up super soon. If you haven’t yet paid, please do so as soon as possible. It’s going to be an awesome day. I am chasing 2 more parent helpers, so if you are interested in attending, please let me know as soon as possible.

1:1 MacBook Program Notes about the 1:1 MacBook Program went home last week. In a couple of weeks time, I will be collecting data to suss out who will be purchasing from the school or privately. This will assist the Office in determining how many computers we need for the lab.

Book Week will be held on the last Friday of school (Week 10). The theme is ‘Escape to Everywhere’. The students in Room 9 and I will have a discussion about the theme and choose a book together – we will let you know as soon as possible so we can get choosing costumes 🙂

Progress Folders will be coming home soon! Over the next couple of weeks, there will be assessments ongoing… there’s no stress and it’s based on what the children know at this moment in time. They have improved dramatically from Term 1, so it is very exciting to see the comparisons. Progress Folders will be coming home on Thursday 21st October.

Open Night Open Night is a fantastic occasion for the children to show you all that we have been learning. They are filled with so much pride to show you how hard they have been working and love to explain the process. With every classroom open to the community, please feel free to come and go as you please. Doors will open at 5:30pm on Wednesday 20th October. We hope to see you there!

Thanks 🙂

Week 4

Hi everyone,

what a busy couple of weeks we have had – especially with assembly & swimming!

Swimming: Just a reminder that tomorrow is the last day for Year 3 Swimming. I will be attending tomorrow’s swimming lessons with the students, to watch and share some of their excitement. The Year 2 students will be partnered up and sent to their buddy class that they usually join in with for Junior School Sport. We will be gone from 10:05-11:35am.

Samson House: In the next coming weeks, we have an excursion to Samson House in Fremantle. This has been a focus of study for the Year 2s during HASS (Humanities & Social Sciences) as we have been looking at life in the olden days. I am aware that the Year 3 students attended this excursion last year & they were super excited to be invited on this excursion again. What is great is that it directly links to the Yr3 curriculum too, as we are looking at continuity and change of an environment. We will be focusing on the addition of new architecture and the upkeep of old buildings, etc. and what better place to do that than close to home?

Please return permission slips as soon as possible to the ‘School Box’.

Attendance: As we are facing the worst winter in goodness knows how long and cold & flus are passing through, please spare a moment to advise the school/me of your child’s absence & reason so that it can be noted appropriately.

Open Night: Open Night is fast approaching & we are wild at work, ensuring that we can display our best products of learning, progress & achievements. Please save the date for Wednesday 20th September from 5pm onwards 🙂

Fire Incursion: On Thursday 24th August, the local Fire Department will be presenting an incursion as part of our Health Program. Keep your eyes out for a note related to this that will be sent home tomorrow.

Crunch n’ Sip: Just a reminder that Crunch n’ Sip must be a fruit/vegetable that is easy to snack on in class. Juices/biscuits/cheese are not accepted as Crunch n’ Sip and will be left in bags for lunch/recess instead. Please also ensure your child brings water to school every day.

Homework: Homework grids are based on a fortnightly basis; however, Words Their Way & Reading books are changed every week. Students must bring their homework to school either every Friday or Monday (so weekends are homework-free). Although you do not always see ticks in Homework books, I am checking a list to ensure that in line with our Homework Policy, home tasks are completed. This also applies to Mathletics. Tasks are set that are reflective of the learning in the classroom, please encourage your child to attempt Mathletic challenges at least once a week.

Stationery: All student stationery has been handed out & supplies are running low. If you know that your child is missing a glue stick, pencils, writing books, erasers, etc. please do send them in. We will check our inventory later in the term and send home a note of items that are in need of a top up. Your support here is much appreciated 🙂

Thank you for reading.


Naomi Bent

Week 3, Term 3 Notes

In the mornings when the children come into the classroom we are working on a word study program by Words Their Way. Word study evolved from over three decades of research that explored the developmental aspects of spelling.
Word study allows for children to develop their understanding of vocabulary, spelling patterns and phonics.
First, students develop a general knowledge of English spelling. They learn how to examine words through active exploration using a hands-on, manipulative approach.
Students also discover generalisations about spelling, instead of just spelling rules. They learn the regularities, patterns, and conventions of English letters and sounds needed to read and spell.
Second, word study increases students’ specific knowledge of words. Specific knowledge relates to the spelling and meaning of individual words.
Our Word Study program allows children to practise their words through games (before 8.35am) and then follow up with written practise at 8.35am. It is therefore very important children are arriving at school on time (8.25am) so they can gain the maximum benefit from this program.
Thank you for your support with this.
Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.
Earn & Learn

Once again Aubin Grove Primary School is participating in the “Earn & Learn” Woolworths promotion.
Parents who shop at Woolworths can collect stickers from the checkout operator. There will be 1 sticker for every $10 spent*.

These can be placed in the collection box, either at school admin area or at your local Woolworths store.

Nature Play

Last week, I attended a very interesting professional development session yesterday afternoon and I wanted to share a video with you all. It really highlighted how much Nature Play positively impacts a child’s development and learning into the teenage years.

Nature Play Passports can be ordered from this company to give you some adventurous ideas for weekend & family activities.

“Nature Play WA Inc is an incorporated not-for-profit association established to increase the time Western Australian children spend in unstructured play outdoors and in nature. It is founded on the understanding that unstructured play outdoors (nature play) is fundamental to a full and healthy childhood.”


Term 3 – Notes

Welcome back, everyone!

I hope that getting out of bed this morning didn’t prove too tricky (although getting up while it’s still dark is not particularly fun!)

Just a few notes to get us started for Term 3:

  • Class Photos & Individual Photos for Room 9 will be held straight after recess on Friday 21st July. All students will have their photos taken, even if you are not purchasing. Students will be reminded not to run around too much, so that they still look presentable for pictures
  • Please return Photo Money for orders ASAP
  • Homework will be starting in Week 2!
  • Our class assembly will take place on Tuesday, Week 3. We hope that you can attend
    – All students (except Thomas) must wear a black/dark t-shirt with a coloured, non-patterned T-shirt underneath & black pants/leggings, etc
  • Swimming lessons for Year 3 students commence in Week 3 & 4. Times will be announced shortly and I’ll update you on what to wear to school, etc. as soon as possible
  • As the Year 3 students will be at swimming, this will provide some awesome time for the Year 2s and I to concentrate on explicit teaching of phonics, spelling, sentence structure and grammar & punctuation!
  • Check out our awesome new Pencil Sculptures around the school – find Mr Pansini’s explanation of their meaning to our school on the LEAF Newsletter

Please follow our blog for more updates as they come 🙂

Many thanks & here’s to a great term!


Naomi Bent

Week 10, Term 2

Hasn’t the term passed us by so fast?

We have had Mr Kubicek in our classroom over the last couple of weeks. He has been teaching us about the use of Electronics, more specifically focussing on ‘Little Bits’. We have learnt all about the input and output of power and have attempted piecing together circuits. Find some pictures below….

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We also had the pleasure of hosting some students from Perth Ladies College. These girls assisted us in celebrating NAIDOC Week by performing some special dances that gave us a narrative about the life of the Indigenous Peoples. We were even lucky enough to have a picture with them afterwards.


Week 8 Notes

Hey everyone,

Just a couple of notes for the upcoming weeks:

  • Mr Kubicek will be coming to our class for the next 4 Thursdays! He is introducing the children to electronics & coding (which is all part of the new proposed curriculum for 2018). Ask your kiddies what we did in our first session yesterday (15/6)
  • Fume Free Friday was a success, thank you for all that participated!
  • On Monday we have our Lunchtime Concert, Junior Choir and Tyler will be performing. I am sure that it will be a great success.
  • On Tuesday, members of the Junior Choir will go on their excursion to Regents Gardens to perform. They will be meeting outside the LC2 Music Room for an early lunch at 12:25pm and will return later in the day. If you have not yet returned the permission slip, please do so ASAP to avoid disappointment.
  • On Wednesday 23rd June we will be celebrating the Winter Solstice! This means…. PYJAMAS!! Students are permitted to wear their PJs to school, however they must be appropriate and in accordance with our uniform policy (no exposed shoulders, reasonable length) Students must wear appropriate footwear and wear a hat.- We will also have an ‘Hour without power’ on this day. Students in Rm 9 are invited to bring a small blanket/pillow/teddy to snuggle up to as we enjoy a treat of marshmallows & hot chocolate 🙂
  • As previously mentioned, our assembly date has changed!!! It will now be held on Tuesday 1st August. Lines will be arriving home today (16/6) and must be practised.
    I will advise students what to wear, but just for your knowledge:The ‘Problem’ x 22 students:  (Need two separate tops) Black t-shirt/jacket & colourful (no patterns/pictures) t-shirt which will be underneath black shirt/jacket.

    The ‘Kid’ x Thomas: Normal casual clothes

  • This year’s Science Week Challenge will take place in Week 2-3 of Term 3. The topic this year is all about Sustainability. In class, we have worked on calculating our ecological footprint and discussed ways that we can improve our impact on the world in becoming more sustainable. Finalists of the AGPS Science Fair will be invited to present their project at Murdoch University on 15/8/2017!!The topic this year is open, although their are some ideas included in the Science Package. Application forms will be sent home this afternoon (16/6) and are due to be returned  by 30th June! Any late submissions will not be accepted.

Thanks for reading! Have a great weekend 🙂

Hi everyone,

just a couple of notices:

  • Tomorrow (Tuesday) we will be making sandwiches in class in order to assist with our Procedure Writing Program. Please do not bring a packed sandwich for your child, as whatever we make can be used for lunch eating!
  • Fridays from now on are all ‘Fume Free Friday’ (though without the milo). Please do your part for our environment by parking at the end of the oval and walking the rest of the way to school
  • Two Minute Reading will be commencing soon, if you are interested in assisting please contact Mesha Steel
  • Would anyone be interested in volunteering some time before/after school in Week 8/9 to assist in gluing popsticks to handprints for our NAIDOC Week celebrations in Week 10? Please let me know if you are available to help via email.
  • We still do not have a class representative. This means that we have noone to represent us at P&C Meetings etc. If you would like to fill this roll, please get in touch with Nat Dogget (
  • Another reminder that our assembly date has changed, we are now in Term 3!!