Term 4 – Welcome




Welcome back to our final Term together!

I can’t believe how fast this year has gone & good news – we survived our first day!

Year 3 Excursion
Notes about our Year 3 school excursion have been sent home this afternoon. Year 2 students from Room 9 are also invited to attend. It is going to be a really fast turn around, as the excursion is next Friday (20th October). This means that notes must be signed and returned as soon as possible and no later than Tuesday 17th October. It is a whole day excursion in which we will be visiting the Perth Mint, The Bell Tower, Elizabeth Quay, the Wadjuk Walking trail and Langley Park. We are aiming to arrive back to school by 2:50pm but please be aware that due to traffic, we may run a little behind schedule. More information regarding lunch/recess, etc. can be found on the note, otherwise if you have any further questions please feel free to come and see me. It’s going to be an awesome day!

‘R U OK Day’
On Friday 13th October, we will be paying tribute to National Mental Health Week. To raise awareness of mental health, we encourage all students to wear yellow to school! This may be in the form of a yellow shirt, hair ties, etc. We have a number of visitors to the school who will be working with the students throughout the duration of the day to highlight positive mental health and how to be expressive. Room 9 will be attending a session that focuses on Art & creativity.

Homework will commence in Week 2!

Sports Carnival ( Year 2 only!)
Wednesday 25th October

School Development Day
Friday 27th October

Year 3 Parents
Could you please advise me personally, or via email (naomi.bent2@education.wa.edu.au) if you intend to purchase MacBooks via the School Portal or independently. These numbers are required  to ensure that we have ample supplies for next year. Thank you!



Term 3 so far! (Week 6)

What a super busy term we have had so far and with so much more to come!

Swimming for the Year 3 students was wrapped up with a bang. They had such an awesome time and with our swimming lessons located at the new Arc Recreation Centre, everyday there was a bus full of beans. I loved being able to attend on the last day to see all the hard work they had put into achieving their levels.

Meanwhile in class, the Year 2 students have been learning all about Samson House. We are so excited about our upcoming excursion to Fremantle to see Samson House in all it’s glory. We have been busy learning about Lionel Samson and his family, as well as the Heritage listed family home. It will be exciting to show you all how much we know during Open Night which is coming up in Week 10 (Wednesday).

In Room 9, we have been learning about the power of feedback and have been working together to provide our peers with advice on how to improve our work. Stay tuned to see some raw examples of this during Open Night.

In Science we have been conducting many experiments to do with Chemical Science. This has been detrimental to understanding how to plan and conduct a fair test, as well as following the process to predict, conduct, review, and analyse our tests by using a Science Inquiry Planner.


Our assembly in Week 3 was fantastic! We received so much praise about how well we did (& recovered from a few blunders). Our main aim was to show how using the Aubin Grove Learner Qualities can assist us to problem solve, investigate & enquire and to be unafraid of challenges. The link to re-watch the videos are below

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I am a Communicator

I am a Driver

I am a Thinker

Success Fire Station came to visit us this week to educate us on how to be safe when it comes to fire. We learnt about the steps we can take to reduce the risk of fire and damages and some important safety precautions that are required at home; including, charging electronics on a flat, hard surface (not your bed), creating a fire evacuation plan for the family home, documenting the nearest cross street to your house and so much more.

The firemen even squirted the Fire Truck’s hose!

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Week 6 & 7

Hi everyone,

sorry for the delay in updating you on what’s going on in class – Report time is always hectic but we have had some great learning opportunities!


In Maths we have been learning a lot about Length. We have looked at how to measure, order and compare lengths of objects and are now beginning to calculate perimeter of simple shapes. We have even started creating our own Perimeter Robots. They should be on display next week 🙂




We have been learning about inferencing and how easy it is to infer messages from actions. Playing a couple of games of charades has helped us in recognising body language and watching a short film allowed us to make inferences without words. Please check this YouTube link (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=454nNoD6-TI) to check out what we watched!

Procedures has been our focus for writing over the last couple of weeks. Through discussion, we realised that we use procedures so often, sometimes without even realising! For example, Instructions, ‘How to’ videos, rules for games, recipes, etc. We have practised writing our own procedures and even made some delicious sandwiches for lunch!!


We are now moving on to writing, directing, filming and producing our own iMovie YouTube Video!! They will be ready to view on Open Night and will be posted on our Class Blog afterwards 🙂 Stay Tuned!


Science is what Miss Bent teaches while the other half of the class is at Junior/Middle School Sport. This ensures that we are following the curriculum for our designated year group. The Year 2s have been focussing on the Water Cycle and have investigated how water gets to our taps, they have even created a water cycle in a bag. This is taped to our front door, please ask your children to explain each of the steps to you!

The Year 3s have been learning about Heat Transfer and the different kinds of heat energy. We have conducted a couple of experiments to test if materials of objects directly impact the absorption of heat within a given time frame. We are now focussing our findings in this experiment on learning about conduction, radiation and convection!


H.A.S.S is integrated into our computer time this term! The Year 3 students have been conducting some research on Australia’s neighbours, including locating manmade and natural features. This research topic has allowed students to understand the importance of using key words to funnel their internet searches to find the sought after information within a shorter timeframe. The students are working on a Pages Document to present to the class on their country and will do so in Week 10 of Term 2.

The Year 2 students have been learning about what life was like 100 years ago. More specifically, they have been looking at technology. We now understand that technology is not just limited to devices, but instead includes a vast array of manmade and manufactured items such as pens, belts, boxes, etc. Our students have been busy researching everyday items for the 21st Century (mobiles, refrigerators, cars, washing machines, etc.) and locating information on their counterpart from 100 Years ago. We have compiled images of these objects into a table on a Pages Document and now have them on display – please come and have a look at our work 🙂


As we use computers twice a week and also in line with our Scope and Sequence for Information Technology, we have been learning about safe practise while using computers. This specifically focuses on Cyber Safety. We have discussed and understand what is and isn’t safe to share online and are confident in speaking to an adult when something seems particularly fishy. These are all important things to remember as our computer use increases through the years.

Miss Bent is particularly excited about a program based on resiliency that we will be running next term. This program will focus on how to problem solve when things don’t feel right, or we are uncomfortable or upset with a situation. Please keep posted!

Week 4 & 5

What a busy term we have had! NAPLAN (Yr 3) and swimming lessons  (yr 2) are out of the way but our weeks don’t stop being busy!

Tuesday, Week 4 we had Lapathon. Students were invited to participate on completing as many laps as they could of the oval. All sponsors are to assist in making our school even more awesome.

Super special thank you to Emma Bamford and Debbie Hodder for assisting on the day – your help was greatly appreciated!


Later on that week the Year 3 students participated in their first ever Cross Country and what an amazing job they did. Running 1.5km is not easy feat for many but the children from Rm 9 gave their all! The Year 2 students loved cheering for their classmates & are already in training for next year!!

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In Maths recently we have been investigating length. We have looked at how to measure, order and compare lengths of objects and are now beginning to calculate perimeter of simple shapes.

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Week 9 & 10

We have had a super busy fortnight with Miss Bent returning back to school. The holidays are coming up fast but we haven’t been in holiday mode yet – with plenty of NAPLAN practise and our fast approaching swimming lessons (Year 2), we know that there’s nothing but hard work expected 😉


In English we have been focussing on Persuasive Writing! This topic was introduced by the topic “All children should play a musical instrument”. The students had a couple of minutes to brainstorm and map down their arguments for or against. We then parted the room (for vs against) & held a mini debate with the main objective being to persuade the opposing team to swap sides. We saw some very strong arguments and many chose to change their sides.

Since, we have researched what is needed to create a persuasive as a text. We know that we should introduce our topic, share our opinion, state our reasons with ample examples and explanations & use persuasive language (modality words).

Look out for some great examples of our persuasive writing hanging around the classroom next term!


In Maths we have been covering many topics – these mainly being 3D Shapes, Word Problems, Number Patterns, Grid Referencing and Fractions.

We have enjoyed creating 3D shapes and identifying their properties, as well as finding real life 3D objects. We merged our Maths session with computer time, to research and find examples of some 3D shapes. We also learnt how to input and format a table onto a Pages document, as well as drawing on our previous skills in copying & pasting!

Students have been working in small focus groups to complete a series of rotational tasks. These small groups have provided them the opportunity to build friendships with their peers, as well as gain coaching and support from one another. The rotational tasks are hands on and have allowed the students with the opportunity to learn in different environments (walking around the room, sitting on the floor, etc.)


This term our focus in Science has been based on ‘Living and Non-Living’. In more recent weeks, we have looked into the job of a Taxonomist and have used the computers to research websites and watch linked educational videos to identify the characteristics of: Birds, Reptiles, Fish, Mammals, Amphibians, Insects.

We have now started looking into life cycles. Over the next coming weeks, students will be working in small groups and using ‘Book Creator’ to share their understanding of life cycles.


This term we have been learning about Protective Behaviours & what it means to be safe. We have listed some people on our ‘helping hand’ that we know that we can turn to if we have a problem. Students are now able to identify ‘early warning signs’ which indicate that they are not feeling safe and have been learning about the steps to follow to assist them.

On Wednesday 5th April, we had a Constable Care Incursion which reflected our learnings during this term!

Week 7 & 8


During Week 7 & 8, I was not at school. However, the students of Room 9 had an awesome time with Miss Chatwin. Miss Chatwin praised our class for their fantastic behaviours and attitudes during her time in the classroom.

Thank you all for bringing in such diverse dishes that represent your country. The children had a great time sharing aspects of their culture and family history with others and loved trying new foods!