Girls & Boys Luncheon

I will be holding a Luncheon for the boys this Thursday 14th Sept, and one for the girls on Monday 18th Sept. During these luncheons, the children will be invited to stay in the classroom to eat lunch and for the remainder of the afternoon. We will play games, have building challenges, braid hair & dance, etc. This will provide the students with time to have fun with one another and continue to build new friendships (there might also be some delicious treats!)

I feel that allowing the children to interact with one another in a situation that is different from playing on the oval and from working together on school work, it will allow them to make connections to others, in turn widening their friendship groups.

I hope that by this luncheon, the children will recognise the importance of empowering one another and develop further in their empathetic skills.

I look forward to seeing everyone there 🙂

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